Furniture & Woodworking

Furniture & Woodworking

If it can be made with wood, you will find it here. Furniture makers and woodworkers offer their finished goods for sale as well as offer free tutorials on creating your own.

All the website owners have also included their favorite furniture making and woodworking tips.
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Hand Carved Santas

Decorative woodcarving by the 'Santa Man'. Award winning carver Paul, offers his decoys, waterfowl, song birds and of course his famous old-world style Santas for sale.

Wood Carving Tip
When carving Santas, finish the face first. That way if you mess it up you haven't wasted a lot of time on the body.
T. Maries Galleries

Country pine shelves, cabinets, cupboards, tables, benches, and stools. Original paintings, painted ceramics, crafts, and home decor.

Paint Brush Care Tip
How to keep your glue, paint and stain brushes soft. After cleaning your brushes with water, rub them with personal shampoo and rinse them with water. This will always keep the bristles soft for when you go to use them again.
Yvonne Arlott Artistic Woodturning

An online gallery and shop of artistic woodturning, by Cornish woodturner Yvonne Arlott, including hollow forms, sculptures, vases and other artistic items. A woodturning DVD is also available focusing on how the lacework techniques that Yvonne so often uses in her work is done.

Wood Turning Tip
When turning spend a little extra time getting a good finish with the chisels which will save you having to spend so much time sanding and will also help avoid the piece being sanded out of shape.
The Rocking Horse Shop, York, England. Suppliers of fine rocking horse plans and accessories.

Designers, makers and restorers of beautiful rocking horses for 30 years. DIY plans, books, and rocking horse accessories. Regular carving courses at our workshop, showroom and rocking horse museum near York, England.

Wood Carving Tip
When carving a rocking horse, use real horses as inspiration. Try to incorporate the muscular features and don't be afraid to take too much off!
Allan's Art

Woodturned art including ornamental hollow forms, vases, ring boxes, pens and bowls. Each piece is hand turned and finished and is made from reclaimed and sustainable native and imported hardwood. I love wood with character and will feature the natural flaws and interesting grains as often as possible. Site includes a gallery of my work as well as tips on wood turning and wood crafting.

Wood Turning Tip
Before you start a lathe, manually spin the wood to check that it doesn't hit the tool rest or anything else on the way round. Ensure that all bolts, clamps and tool rests are secure as well. Finally, if you have a variable speed lathe, begin at a slower speed and then increase to the required turning speed.
Whispering Woods

Crafts wood boxes out of storm damaged logs into something that is unique and mystifying. Something beautiful that is eye catching and lasts for years.

Crafting Tip
Always look at everything in different ways. Never know what idea you may come up with. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Bob’s Woodcrafts

From the age of five, Bob loved working with scraps of wood. Those early not-so-pretty creations led to a life long passion of creating quality handmade items at a fair value. Visit my site to see my line of heirloom quality handcrafted wooden boxes, jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes, valets, recipe boxes, humidors, crosses, urns, gifts and more.

Woodworking Tip
When applying the 1st coat of a hand-rubbed oil finish, while the finish is wet, lightly sand it with 400 grit wet-dry sandpaper. Wipe off the excess finish and allow to dry. This fills the pores of the wood, and leaves a silky smooth surface for further coats of oil.
Fine Wood Crafts by Jon

We make a wide array of wood crafts for most occasions. We offer many unique handmade wood crafts at reasonable prices and offer free shipping to boot. Come check us for your gift giving needs. Many of our items can be customized to your specifications.

Wood Finishing Tip
When using lemon oil as a wood finish be sure to saturate the piece for about 5 minutes and then clean off with a rag. If you want to apply a lacquer you can do it when the piece is completely dry.
Jilliann Mae's

Jilliann Mae rescues vintage furniture and restores it to create unique pieces that will add color and brightness to your home. Her pieces feature natural wood finished, high-gloss paint finishes and fabrics. Her shop includes pre-made and restored vintage furniture and she also offers made to order pieces.

Furniture Refinishing Tip
When redoing furniture, ensure that you use the proper primer for the medium you are using as a finish. For instance, red paint requires a special grey primer in order to ensure full coverage and to avoid a streaky appearance. Or when using stain, be sure to treat the wood with a prestain conditioner so you can guarantee a flawless finish. Although it may cost a bit more and take a little longer, using the correct priming items is of utter importance--it is the foundation for your entire project!