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Need something for the person who has everything? You've come to the right place! These crafters offer their creations to satisfy whatever your gifting needs.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips.
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Hawkwolf's Armory and Accoutrements

We provide very special gifts that cater to the person who enjoys a bit of renaissance in their life! We have designs from Victorian to modern, jewelry to juggling balls, clothing to dreamchimes. Take a moment to visit, you'll be pleasantly surprised! Custom orders are welcomed.

Jewelry Making Tip
Many jewelry sites, especially artisan created jewelry sites, offer the ability of making an item made exactly to your size. Artisan jewelers offer a way for the consumer to get exactly what they want, while keeping beautiful, UNIQUE jewelry in the public eye.
Nicki's Trends

Fabulous gifts and accessories made with hand painted beads. Items include hair ties, bracelets, backpack clips, key chains, and wine stoppers. They are very trendy and make a great gift. Many themes to choose from including, ballet, tropical, teacher, golf, camouflage, princess, animal print, groovy, flowers,and many more.

Ribbon Tip
An easy way to stop ribbon from fraying is to take a match or lighter and lightly burn the end of the freshly cut ribbon. This will melt the ribbon just enough to stop the fraying. It works very well with grosgrain ribbon and satin ribbon as well.

We create custom handcrafted exotic wood gifts such as fountain pens, key chains, and cigar ashtrays.

Check out our online virtual wooden pen creation tool!

Product Photography Tip
When taking pictures to display your crafts, try using a textured gray (or other light colored) piece of poster board as the backdrop, and using a tripod and time delay function of the camera for better focused pictures.
The Blue Dragonfly

Nostalgia hand crafted for today. Find a large verity of handmade one of a kind and original designs for your everyday needs. Wood home accessories and furniture along with purses, market bags, tote bags, aprons, pillows can be found at the blue dragonfly.

Woodworking Tip
My rotary tool has shown to be one of the most versatile tools I have purchased. It is great to get in tight places and for fine detail work. With the right bits you can work with wood, metal, plastics, ceramics and many other materials. It is important, however, that no matter what brand you choose to purchase it is important that it is compatible with the Dremel line of products.
Tammnoony - The Art Of Painting On Wood

We make art on wood with unique designs. Most of our items are made of light wood and all items are painted and drawn by hand with lovely color combinations. No two items alike; each one has its own unique and different design.

Green Tip
If you paint use water based paint (aka acrylic paint). It's better for our environment!

Be organized, not messy. It makes crafting easier!
Crafts from the Heart

All kinds of items for your gift giving lists. How about a new tote, pillow, appliance cover, novelty earrings? Gift bags and lunch totes galore! Come have fun shopping and don't forget to get yourself a little something. You can also place custom orders.

Gift Shopping Tip
Start shopping early for special events so you are not so stressed and can enjoy the event.
Whimsical Custom Frames, Clipboards and Jewelry Boxes

Our shop offers custom designed frames using unique bling magnets, personalized clipboards and jewelry and trinket boxes. We use scrapbook paper, tulle, jewels, ribbon and design many of our own papers. These gifts are perfect for school teachers, young girls and any woman that you know that you want to give a unique gift to. We can also custom design any one of our items to match colors or personalities. We offer the most fabulous paper covered projects on the web.

Mod Podge Tip
Using Mod Podge (which we do in all our items) can be very tricky. Many times the paper is wrinkled and gets bubbles. Here's a trick to using this product. Put the Mod Podge thickly on both the paper and the item it is going on. Start putting the paper down at the top and slowly lowering and pressing it at the same time. Use a rolling pin (or any a brayer if you have one) to roll over the paper to push out any air bubbles.
So Lovely Creations - Unique personalized wooden blocks and frames

One of a kind custom and personalized letter blocks and frames. Letter blocks sold separately to create personalized messages or spell out any name.

Craft Room Tip
Always be organized; everything will be much easier :)
SandAndArt in Glass Bottles is a website which offers amazing sand art bottles from Petra Jordan featuring camels, mountains and other desert inspired designs. Petra is an ancient city in Jordan and is where these artists obtain the beautifully colored sand they use in their sand art.

Sand Art Tip
When making sand art, arrange the granules of sand slowly. The most important thing is to compact the sand and not allow air between the granules which can spoil the shape by any slight shaking of the bottle.
Fine Wood Crafts

We make a wide array of wood crafts for most occasions. We offer many unique handmade wood crafts at reasonable prices and offer free shipping to boot. Come check us for your gift giving needs. Many of out items can be customized to your specifications.

Woodworking Tip
When cutting intricate fretwork pieces on your scroll saw there is always a fuzz left on the back of the piece. I find using jeweler type files works best to remove those "fuzzies".