Glass (Stained & Blown)

Glass has been used to create art for centuries.

stained glassFrom huge stained glass windows in cathedrals to fused glass artisan jewelry, glass pieces reflect light and cast shadows like no other substance found on earth.

Fused glass, traditional stained glass, glass etching and glass mosaic making are all represented here.

From the functional to the frivolous, these glass artists will have it. Along with their creations for sale, many offer free tutorials, patterns and tips for making lovely glass pieces of your own.

As with all of the great websites listed on Crafty Tips, all of the website owners have also included their favorite stained and blown glass tips.

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Glass (Stained & Blown) Sub-Categories

Stained Glass Tips

Free tips on getting started with your stained glass project, cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering, finishing, and repairs. Practice your craft with our free patterns. Be sure to visit our section on warm glass. Don't forget to sign up for our free newsletter. If you plan on being in the Ottawa, Ontario area, be sure to drop into our store. We also offer a wide variety of classes, space is limited - so book early.

Stained Glass Designing Tip
Try to view the glass you are thinking of using in the same light source as where the finished piece will be displayed. Don't use a light table, as they almost always use a fluorescent light bulb which gives off a blue white light and will make your glass look a lot different than light from a regular incandescent light bulb or sunlight.
Glass Fusing Made Easy

Glass fusing and slumping instructions and information. Technical terms are alphabetically listed.

Glass Fusing Tip
Aloe vera gel, when mixed with powdered frits, powdered glass, or enamels is a much cheaper replacement for liquid stringer medium. As an added bonus, unlike liquid stringer medium, there's no fumes.
Tips and Techniques For Stained Glass

Tips and techniques for making stained glass including tips for finding a pattern, cutting glass, grinders, copper foil, soldering and more. Also on this site you will find free patterns, instructions for making stained glass, information on tools and supplies, and an art glass gallery.

Stained Glass Display Tip
When hanging sun-catchers, use vegetable oil instead of water on the suction cup hook. It won't evaporate and the sun-catcher will not fall.
How To Make Stained Glass

Quality information on how to make stained glass, including glass cutting, glass etching and slumping glass. We also have a visitors' gallery, top tips, artist profiles and expert buying advice.

Stained Glass Tip
When soldering your stained glass panel, don't waste those little bits of solder that get too hot to handle - simply solder them to a fresh stick of solder. Think 'chain smoking', and you have the idea!
My Truck Leroy.  Always Handmade.  Always One of a Kind.

We are two creative cousins making functional multimedia art and craft for the world to enjoy. We love Rosie . . .we can do it! And we do. We grind, bend, weld, cut, grind, solder, sew, screw, glue, paint, sand, and create one of a kind pieces at affordable prices.
We love combining elements that would normally not be paired with one another to create interesting and dynamic pieces that are all the while functional!

Selling Stained Glass Tip
Start checking for art and craft shows at least 6 months in advance. The due date for the application can be as much as 6 months before the actual market. Stay on top of upcoming events; don't let them sneak up on you because then they will pass you by.
Stained Glass Mosaic Information

All about Stained Glass Mosaics

- Buy hand crafted Stained Glass Mosaics
- Guide to making your own glass mosaic
- Articles on Mosaic and Stained Glass History
- Access to glass supplies information

Stained Glass Mosaics Tip
When creating glass mosaics, try using a dark grey or black tile grout. It often looks a lot better than plain white and shows off the glass colors a lot better.
Glass Etching Secrets

Information on glass etching, engraving, and how to etch glass to make your own custom made craft. Learn a new easy and fun craft that leaves a permanent design in the glass.

Glass Etching Tip
Etching Glass as an Inexpensive Craft
With a few inexpensive supplies and a low cost glass mug, you can etch your own designs, patterns, or name into glass. It doesn't just have to be a mug, it can be a home window or glass door, a car window, bathroom shower glass door, a mirror, and the list goes on. The possibilities are endless. All you need is etching cream, a piece of glass (you can get a nice glass mug at Walmart for under $2), a black and white pattern, contact paper, and a razor blade. First, you place the contact paper on the glass, then trace the pattern on the contact paper. Once the pattern is drawn on the contact paper, you cut it out with the razor blade. Second, spread glass etching cream over the exposed areas and wait a few minutes. Third, wash off and clean up by peeling the contact paper off. Then you have a great looking and personalized permanent marking on your glass. Its as easy as that.
Free Stained Glass Patterns

Resource for free stained glass patterns online with a description of the pattern and credit given to the artist.

Stained Glass Pattern Tip
Stained glass patterns are great for coloring pages and many other crafts other than glass. The many simple designs are great for ease of application and overall use.
Glass Peace Jewelry Gallery

We carry a large selection of Handcrafted Glass Jewelry made by Amir Shawn and Allison Hill. We specialize in hand blown glass pendants, Lampwork Beads and Fused Glass Dichroic Pendants. Our designs include flower pendants, mushroom beads, dichroic galaxy pendants and hand blown lampwork beads.

Lampworking Tip
When lampworking it is very important to learn flame characteristics. Different amounts of gas and oxygen will make colors react in different ways. Many times I will use a reducing flame to bring metals to the surface of the glass then trap those metal in with clear glass or transparent colors.
Kelly Lowe Glass

The web home of professional glass blower Kelly Lowe. Featuring everything from fine art pieces to a half rhinoceros/half octopus (octocerus, of course) creature, and plenty more to see besides!

Glass Blowing Tip
Always be on the lookout for when a blunder could result in something greater than a place in the trash - one of my favourite bowls began its life intended as an urn, which was accidentally overheated and spun out. I came close to finishing for the day out of frustration, as the urn was almost finished and was the last piece of the day, but instead I decided to work with the piece and make it into a bowl. It took some doing, but when I pulled the piece from the annealer the next day I was rewarded for my efforts: the colour came out faded and ghostlike, something quite different than what I normally worked with, and it was beautiful. So out of a costly mistake (glass, colour, the hotshop and an assistant isn't cheap) I gained a beautiful bowl, and a new colour technique to explore and add to my pieces in the future.