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stained glassLampworked beads, fused glass pendants, stained glass and so many more wonderful things are being made from glass. Talented artists from around the world start with sheets of glass, glass rods, frit, kilns, kiln supplies and other assorted bits and pieces of glass to make their items.

The companies listed here provide those raw materials for glass and bead artists to make their wares.

As with all of the great websites listed on Crafty Tips, all of the website owners have also included their favorite art glass tips.


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Glass Fusing Decals and Supplies

Dichroic fused glass jewelry (jewellery),fused glass decals, unique glass fusing supplies, earrings, bracelets, glass art and gifts is what you will find in this unique art glass store! A "one stop shop" for the glass lover, artist, jewelry designer and gift shopper! Fusible art glass images, many created by our studio, will make your dichroic glass jewelry stand out and set your jewelry designs apart from the rest!

Product Photography Tip
I have tried everything I can think of to improve my pictures. I have taken thousands of pictures over the years. I have spent hundreds of dollars on photo domes, photo cubes, cloud domes etc, and I wasn't happy with any of the pictures. After talking to a family friend, during Thanksgiving dinner, he gave me the best picture taking advice I have ever received. I started doing this 2 years ago and it has never failed...You can reach in the couch cushions or under your car seat to come up with the $2.99 it will cost you to purchase this top notch photo apparatus. Don't laugh. Are you ready? I purchased a gallon of milk, ate a few bowls of cereal and followed these five easy steps:

1.) Soak the labels off your empty milk gallon.

2.) Cut the milk gallon in half all the way around.

3.) Place your jewelry piece on your desired background.

4.) Place the milk carton over the jewelry piece and your background, place the lens of your digital camera in the top of the milk carton and click away.

5.) Take your photos outside. The best time of day is 2-5p.m. when it is slightly overcast or even a little shady. Direct sunlight is not good, it will only over-expose your photos.

Pictures taken with this technique are clear and sharp with no glare spots. We take all of our product pictures with the handy milk carton, including the piece shown here.
Delphi Glass - Stained Glass Tips

Stained Glass Tips from the experts at Delphi Glass. Delphi is your source for stained glass, fusing, jewelry and much more. From kits, tools, and supplies to free patterns and project tips, is the best place for unique crafts. Serving beginners to expert artisans since 1972.

Copper Foil Stained Glass Tip
How To Make Copper Foil Stained Glass.
Mastered by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900's, this technique is often called the Tiffany Method. The edges of stained glass pieces are wrapped with copper foil tape and soldered together.
1. Use a glass cutter to score the pattern into your glass pieces.
2. Break apart the scored glass by using running pliers or breaker grozers.
3. Use a water-cooled electric grinder to shape and smooth each glass piece.
4. Wrap the edges of each piece of glass with copper foil tape.
5. Assemble the pieces on a flat, heat resistant surface.
6. Apply flux to foiled pieces, solder seams on both sides. Clean and polish.
COE90 - Art Glass New Hampshire offers what bead artists, stained glass designers and everyone else who crafts with glass could need. We offer industry quality hand picked bullseye glass, sheet glass, frit, glass rods, embellishments, supplies, equipment and guides from some of the biggest experts in the field. We even carry a variety of kilns designed for glass and bead artists.

Art Glass Tip
Add some sparkle! With the play of light together with its vibrant color, Dichroic Glass is a prime tool used to add interest to any piece of work or project. Originally developed for NASA, dichroic glass has the property of reflecting one color while it transmits another completely different color. These different colors shift depending on the angle of view. Coatings by Sandberg (CBS) dichroic glass is known to have a hard coating and a strong resistance to burn-off at high temperatures. CBS dichroic glass is specifically designed to be hotworked in any way but can also be used in it's raw form.