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Crafting with Gourds

From the utilitarian to the purely decorative, these gourd artists share their finished creations and free tips, techniques, and resources.

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Gourd Art

Free information on how to prepare gourds for crafting, books for sale, and pollination techniques. Our digital gallery showcases a variety of techniques and our gourd art for sale.

Drying Gourds Tip
Dry gourds off the ground. If you leave them setting directly on the ground they become prey to insects which will eat holes in them, including termites, and mice and rats will also chew holes in your gourds and eat the seeds within.
How to Make a Gourd Purse

Simple and easy to follow instructions on making your own gourd purse. Learn how to make your own gourd purse along with other projects from the Southeast Texas Gourd Patch.

Gourd Purse Tip
One large hinge is better than using 2 small ones as the curve of the lid can make it difficult to open the 2 hinges completely.
Elwha River Gourd Art

Fine gourd art galleries of gourd bowls, masks, and even musical instruments like gourd banjos, drums and thumb pianos. There is also a gallery of pyrographic art on paper - yes, an adjustable-heat woodburner can be used on watercolor paper and the paper does not catch on fire.

Gourd Art Tip
Printer ink can be used dye gourds, but it must be sealed. The ink re-fill bottles have a needle-tip that are perfect for directing the ink into tight places.
Bernadette's Gourd Creations

A website devoted to the art of gourding. It features a storefront with gourds by self-taught artist, Bernadette Fox as well as many tips and information about crafting with gourds.

Crafting Tip
To waterproof a gourd to use as a vase or planter use Apoxie Paste. Heat up the product and it becomes a batter like consistency that you can actually color with a bit of paint. Spread the "goop" with your hand over the whole interior of the gourd. Make sure to seal the outside with an outdoor varnish.
Arizona Gourds

If you enjoy gourd crafts, or just want to see gourd art creations that feature a variety of techniques, including pyroengraving, gourd carving, weaving, and painting, then this site is for you! Would you like to learn about gourd art and gourd crafting? Be sure to visit the many other pages of this web site for free tutorials and activities.

Gourd Repair Tip
Repairing Cracks in Gourds
It is frustrating to pick up a beautiful gourd only to discover that it has an insect hole, stress crack or other flaw. It's even more frustrating to drop a half finished gourd and discover that it is broken! If the damage is severe, you may not be able to complete the project exactly as intended; but almost any break can be repaired or at least disguised so you can salvage the gourd.
Small insect holes can be easily filled with wood putty, but cracks will require a bit more work to fix. Drill a small hole at the far ends of the crack before repairing. This hole will prevent the crack from spreading further. Next, add some glue to the crack. You can use wood glue, Weldbond or a gap filling super glue, but you'll want to force the glue thoroughly into all areas of the crack. Once the crack is full, force some gourd dust into the glue mixture. This will make the crack less noticeable after it is sanded. You may have clamp the repair with some masking tape or duct tape while the glue dries. The closer together you can bring the edges of the crack, the better the repair will look.
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When this former art teacher retired to Arizona, little did she know that her years of painting and woodcarving would lead to an entirely new art form - gourd carving. Phyllis Sickles' passion and obvious talent with a paint brush blend vivid colors with the wonderful layers and dimensions of her gourd carvings to craft pieces that are truly worthy of being called gourd art. Phyllis even shares some of her expertise with a number of tutorials on gourd carving.

Gourd Art Tip
When gluing two or more gourd pieces together, painter's tape is an excellent way to hold the pieces together until the glue dries. Painter's tape is designed to be easily removed and will not leave an adhesive residue or cause discolorations on your gourd.