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Don't miss the Crafts with Placemats category where there are several projects for placemat purses.

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Free Shoulder Bag Tutorial

Learn how to make your own shoulder bag. Complete and easy to follow instructions should have you creating you own bag within hours. Only basic sewing skills are needed.

Sewing Pattern Tip
When making projects that require making your own pattern and you don't have large enough paper, use newspaper for the pattern pieces.

Original handmade purses, accessories, crafts made of vintage kimonos, and more! The things which make your style a little more cute and unique. All items are shipped directly from Japan. Shop abroad at chic36!!

Designing Tip
Anything can be materials for crafts. You only need your inspiration and enthusiasm. Got an old-fashioned cloth? You can change it into a one of a kind craft. There's no worthless things in the world.
Half Circle Purse

Cute and sassy, this little purse is quick and easy to make. Several beginner crocheters used this pattern with no problems and this purse would make an impressive first project.

Crochet Handbag Tip
This purse could be made larger by simply adding more rows.
Clutch Purses by Deluxe Junque

Modern fabrics with a touch of yesteryear are the basis for the shoulder bag purses, cigar box purses, clutches, wristlets, doggie scarves and hair accessories we make. Inspired by the hot rod, rockabilly, and 1950's greaser scene all of our products make a fashion statement that's fun and funky, yet practical.

Handbag Making Tip
Instead of using cardboard to make a tote or messenger bag stiff and keep shape, use a piece of plastic canvas. That way, when the bag gets dirty, it can be washed.
Recycled Plastic Bag patterns

A website where you can learn and share information about crocheted and other crafted recycled bags. An eco friendly site dedicated to recycling and crafting with free patterns and tutorials.

Crocheting With Plastic Bags Tip
If when shaping your finished piece, you find it won't lie flat or shape properly, carefully add a little heat (a hair dryer works well) and position the piece into the right shape. Be careful to not actually melt the plastic.

A blog concerned with all types of sewing including bags, purses, clutches and totes. Also quilting, knitting and embroidery.

Editor's Note: Christine sells the wonderful handbags that she makes and also generously shares free patterns on her blog. The handbag shown to the left is made from one of her free bag patterns.

Zipper Tip
When sewing a zip into a purse use a longer zip than required and remove the zip stop. That way you'll never break your needle in the zip stop when sewing the side seams.
Crafts from the Heart

I have a wide range of items in this shop. You can shop for tote bags, clutches and lunch sacks. I also make blankets, altered clothing, pillows, pillowcases, window treatments and appliance covers. You will also find seasonal treasures in all of these categories. Great gift items.

Sewing Tip
Buy good quality fabric. It is much nicer to handle and sew with.
Project Blog of Elizabeth Chandler Designs

Elizabeth Chandler Designs provides custom sewing services that give new life to old or outdated keepsakes. Each project is unique, and you’re invited to follow along on my Project Blog as I take my latest project from start to finish.

Recycled Crafting Tip
Use the fabric from shrunken sweaters, memorable t-shirts, and impractical bridesmaid dresses to create accessories that you can use every day, such as handbags, change purses, and t-shirt quilts.
Jonew's Online Gallery

Hand painted one of a kind canvas tote bags. Themes of bags are high fashion and Retro. The totes are highly detailed and colorful. Size 13.5 x 13 in. Some totes include matching colored scarves.

Canvas Tote Bag Tip
When cleaning canvas totes, hand wash in cold water.
Reversible Shoulder Bag Tutorial

Four pieces of fabric, a few hours of sewing and you too can make this cool reversible shoulder bag. The bag designer has included links to PDF files where you can print full-sized pattern pieces. Be sure to check out the comments after the bag tutorial where the designer provides additional tips and suggestions on making this great bag.

Sewing Tip
If using fabric remnants for a project that calls for placing the pattern on a fold of fabric and your piece is not square enough or big enough to do so, there's nothing that says you can't simply cut two separate pieces and stitch them together to create the original pattern piece called for by the designer. Just be sure when cutting the two pieces to add extra length to allow for the seam allowance created when joining the two pieces to form the larger one.