Purse Making Supplies

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Purse Making Supplies

Looking for bamboo purse handles or snap closures for your next handbag project? The websites listed here specialize in selling materials and components for crafters who make handbags, purses and duffles.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite handbag making tips .
Handbag making supplies shop

A complete one-stop-shop for all of your bag making needs. We have lovely fabrics, handles, beautiful bag patterns, and loads of hard-to-find metal accessories. We also provide lots of free advice and even a couple of free bag making projects; also, have a look in our Inspiration Gallery for some ideas to get you started. Our prices are hard to beat and our delivery super fast.

Handbag Making Tip
When choosing interfacing for your bags choose one that is lighter in weight than you fabric, this way any creases made in the fabric (due to normal wear) will not show.

Bonus Handbag-Making Tips

If you haven't tried using metal accessories before; try them! Most of them require no tools (so they are quick and simple to apply) and they are an instant way to make your bags look really professional.

If your bags have a tendency to sag (when you don't want them to) try sewing polyester boning into the seams of your bags. Polyester boning is used extensively in corset making but it is amazingly handy for bags making! It's easy to sew and cut, and it is very inexpensive too!
Tall Poppy Craft Products

Purse handles and more for your handmade bags. Do you make handbags and purses? We provide everything you need. From bamboo handles, wooden handles, metal handles to magnetic snap fasteners, protective purse feet and more.

Sewing Tip
Place pins at right angles to the raw edge of your fabric and sew right over them. If you place your pins parallel with the raw edge you have to stop every couple of inches to remove the pins. Placing them at right angles means that the needle will just go over them and they won't get stuck or jammed in the machine.
Handbag Hardware

High quality, contemporary bag and purse making supplies. We stock frames and other hardware, bag bases, interfacing and more.

Purse Making Tip
Iron a small piece of fusible fleece over the prongs of purse feet, twist locks and magnetic snaps. This stops them from wearing a hole in the bag's lining!