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Home Decor

How we decorate our homes and personal spaces says a great deal about our personality. With handmade items, we can suddenly change boring decor into something truly inspired and beautiful. Learn how to make your own home decor items or find great sources of handmade items from a variety of talented artisans and crafters from this group of home decor websites.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips.
Home Decor Tips from Friends of Crafty Tips:
Ever thought of taking a pre-made trim or tassle apart? Many tassels are silk with gold threading. They're beautiful alone, but can also be used in a variety of other ways to get more variety & mileage out of them. By taking them apart, I instantly have loads of gold thread I would otherwise have to buy. Many times I'll sew many of them together end-to-end, twisting & turning, making a smooth "rope." Combining 2 or more colors together gives me a new multicolored tassel, which I often turn into "Chinese knots."
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Free Curtain and Window Treatment Making Instructions

Free illustrated instructions covering the making of bedding, blinds, curtains, cushions, ornamental trimmings, curtain tie-backs, window top treatments and finishing touches. There is also a sewing guide which will teach you all the basics of binding, piping, seams, stitches and more. Site also has a forum where members share tips on completing the projects on the site and other topics related to window coverings.

Measuring for Curtains Tip
Never presume that 2 windows are exactly the same size even if they look identical. Take all the measurements in either inches or centimetres. DO NOT MIX THE TWO.
Home Lighting

Artistic, handmade lamp shades with high quality armatures. Information about the lighting fixtures, the creative process, picture gallery and online shop.

Decorating Tip
Bring color into your house with coloured lighting. You can change the mood just by lighting the right lamp.
RLH Design – Giclee Fine Art Prints

Individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity giclee cards and paintings of trees to awaken the common thread of universal consciousness that runs through all of us - an acknowledgment of sameness of experience, of unity, enlivening the viewer to be conscious of the multi-dimensional levels of life.

Decorating Tip
Art brightens up any room. Make sure to put it at eye level and in an area that compliments it (and vice-versa).
The Thrift Shop Romantic

Blog site for fun, vintage-style home decorating ideas, thrifting, gifting, crafting and collecting on a budget. Includes thrift store, flea market and antiques resources for western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio.

Finding Vintage Fabrics Tip
Thrift stores are a great source for seriously inexpensive, yet interesting vintage fabrics - and it helps to think outside the box when you shop. Vintage sheets work well repurposed as curtains, tablecloths, chair covers... even as a pretty liner for gift boxes in place of tissue paper.
Unique Decor Online

Specializing in American artisan handcrafted home decor, with each piece being one-of-a-kind or limited edition. Many unique and original designs. We also offer many themed categories and a wonderful gift section. You'll enjoy the vast array of incredible items and you won't be disappointed.

Decorating Tip
Personalize your home decor. Use family artwork. Old photographs in black and white or sepia tones can be a great personal accent and contrast to your favorite color splashed on the walls in virtually any room. Hang multiple photos in identical plain black frames for a contemporary look, or mix it up with various unusual frames for a different effect.
Discount Decorator Fabric

Discount fabric to beautify your home for less. Upholstery and drapery fabric from fine fabric designers including Covington, Richloom, P. Kaufmann and Waverly Fabrics. For both the professional and the occasional interior decorator, our line of quality discount fabric will help to appoint your living space in style - and on a budget.

Decorating Tip
When assessing colors for a new room design, begin with the pattern that you have planned for the furniture. The most predominant color should predominate in the rest of the room and the other colors in the pattern should be represented in the approximate proportion that they exist in the pattern - in the form of secondary colors and color accents. Voila!
Must Love Home Decor

In my Etsy shop you will find pretty pillows, table runners, window treatments, placemats and more. Custom work is appreciated.

Sewing Tip
Before washing my fabrics, I like to zigzag stitch or serge the edges to keep them from fraying. I have lost up to an eighth of a yard due to fraying in the past.
Shades of Country

Mary Sue's unique, one of a kind hand painted designs will fit perfectly into any decorating theme you choose. Find unique accessories for decorating your home in many of the most popular styles today like French Country or Shabby Chic decor.

Decorating Tip
Small groupings of similar themes makes a subtle display that isn't overpowering to the eye.
Stil Novo Design

Fine woodworking and specialty wood crafts made creatively with recycled materials. We specialize in environmentally friendly home decor and gift ideas. All of our pieces are hand-made, one of a kind items.

Recycled Crafting Tip
After about 5/6 years of usage a barrel looses its proprieties and is not longer useful for wine-making. The wood of an oak wine barrel is great for recycled crafting. Every individual barrel carries the signs of its unique history in every stave. As no one barrel band is the same, each piece will show natural variations in color, grain & dimensions from piece to piece.
Jay Behrle's Wall Sculptures & Masks

Add a bit of drama to any room with an original Jay Behrle contemporary wall sculpture or African- and Aztec-inspired masks. My inspiration comes from many sources but ancient cultures and relics influence much of my work.

Designing Tip
When I'm in Florida doing art shows in the winter, everyone says "the colors need to be brighter." When I'm in the Midwest during the summer art show season, they tell me to "be more traditional." Inspiration comes from multiple sources, but what's inside you is what matters most.
Listen to yourself first and foremost.