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Designers and artists offer their finished masterpieces for sale. Many one of a kind and custom pieces are offered and will have all your friends wanting to know where you got it.

The jewelry category is by far our busiest category. Rather than expand to a fifth page, we conducted an audit of all of the listings. We removed the sites that have been discontinued and created two new categories - Artisan Jewelry and Beaded Jewelry. Don't miss all of the wonderful designs and jeweled creations that can be found in this section. There's something for every taste and budget.

If you are looking for jewelry-making supplies, you can find those in our Beadwork & Lapidary section under Beading & Lapidary Supplies.

All the website owners have included their favorite jewelry-making tips.

Please note: All websites listed here sell their own handcrafted jewelry - we do not accept listings from traditional jewelry stores unless they specialize in selling one of a kind, handmade items.

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Jewelry Sub-Categories

Magnetic Bracelets

Designer boutique of magnetic bracelets, necklaces and lariats. Enjoy the health benefits and pain relieving properties of therapeutic fashion accessories.

Magnetic Therapy Tip
Did you know that magnetic therapy is popular in Japan for treating pains and improving blood circulation?
Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry online store. Irish Celtic wedding rings specialists, large selection of Irish Celtic jewelry, Irish Claddagh rings and Celtic cross jewelry.

Jewelry Care Tip
Don't spray perfume or put any make-up on cultured pearls as it discolours them.
Blossom Shop

One-of-a-kind, and limited edition vintage inspired jewelry with a modern twist. Blossom Shop uses vintage pieces combined with semi-precious gems and modern design elements to bring you unique, romantic, fresh, feminine, wearable treasures. Custom designs are always welcomed.

Thrifty Tip
Don't spend your hard earned money on eyepins....get extra long headpins and turn the discarded ends into eyepins.
Jewlery Making Journal

Discover and share creative new jewelry making ideas, tips, and projects. Lots of free tutorials for wire, metal, beaded, etc. jewelry designs. Includes beginner jewelry making tips and tricks, so you can quickly learn the secrets of getting beautiful results with each piece you create. Also has an extensive section of jewelry-making charts and handy reference guides. A friendly, creative place for jewelry-making inspiration, sharing and learning.

Jewelry Designing Tip
Create a lovely, personalized piece of jewelry by having the design incorporate a number that's significant to the person who will be wearing it. This number might be the person's birthdate, how many children they have, or their lucky number. You can represent numbers with beads, dangles, knots, metal-stamped numbers, collage with printed numbers, etc.

Chickpeaa is most well-known for her handmade vintage style necklaces with a green touch! She makes wearable gardens in the form of her Moss Terrarium Necklace - a small glass jar pendent with live moss inside. A perfect gift for gardeners and plant lovers that will certainly lead to many compliments.

Crafting Tip
Before throwing something away, always stop and think, could this be recycled? Almost anything could be remade into something useful. Have three miss-matched wine glasses? Glue the glasses together to make a bird feeder!
Lauren Rose Jewelers

Trendy and original handmade jewelry designs. Lauren Rose Jewelers on Etsy always makes unique jewelry that can fit into anyone's life style! You even have the option to personalize any way you chose. Lauren Rose Jewelers make fashionable an affordable no-brainier! Use coupon code LAURENROSE20 for 20% off

Crafting Tip
When styling jewelry with an outfit look for a similarities and differences between your outfit and jewelry. Look for differences: Try pairing a simple outfit with an intricate piece of jewelry or pair a simple piece of jewelry with a busy outfit. Look for similarities: pair if you are wearing a red outfit pair a with warm colored piece of jewelry (gold, red, ect.)