Artisan Jewelry

handmade artisan jewelry

Artisan Jewelry

The jewelry artists featured here have made beautiful pieces which feature their own creations as the focal point. From handmade beads to even an artist who creates chain maille, there's bound to be something to meet your taste.

All the website owners have included their favorite jewelry-making tips.
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Jorgensen Studio

This potter turned silversmith creates jewelry that is organic and draws from nature in both form and texture. She uses natural gemstones,vintage beads and cabochons and precious metals in her jewelry to create truly unique and beautiful pieces. She sells original pieces in her Etsy shop and also accepts commissions.

Jewelry Making Tip
When working with stamped or etched metals, a rawhide mallet is the best tool to use for shaping because it does not mar the design surface.
Lori Mendenhall Adornments, aka SparkleBee Gems

Stunning and artistic jewelry featuring handcrafted beads. We have a large inventory of items ready for your enjoyment and we also accept custom bead, pendant, and jewelry orders.

Jewelry Designing Tip
Use matching colors in mis-matching shapes for an interesting look. Monochromatic designs look terrific if you use varying materials with different shades of the same color. Try polymer clay for light-weight beads which look unique.
Yifat Bareket's online Jewelry shop

In her home studio shop, jewelry designer Yifat Bareket designs and produces unique jewelry using gold, silver, copper and brass and combines these metals with gemstones and crystals. Each and every piece of jewelry she produce is one off, unique, and there would be no other one exactly like it. The essence of her design brings together genuine materials with her own inspiration creating gleaming, energetic jewelry with an elegant look.

Jewelry Designing Tip
When designing a piece of jewelry, don't only think about its' appearance but about its' spiritual aspects too. When designing, think about what you want your jewelry to reflect and use the proper elements to achieve that vision. For instance, if you are working with gemstones, to create a loving piece of jewelry you should use Rose quartz and Turquoise, and to distance negative energies use Citrine and Amethyst.
Fishing Lure Jewelry

Colorful and creative, my jewelry is individually handcrafted from fishing lure components. Offering one of a kind and custom pieces, there's sure to be something that will match your style. If you are looking for jewelry that will have your friends asking, "Where did you get that? I want one!", check out my Etsy shop today.

Jewelry Designing Tip
Work with materials that interest you. My love of fishing and tying my own flies led me to making fishing lure jewelry. I can try different designs out not only for my lures, but for earrings as well. This keeps me interested in making jewelry versus it being just a job.
Jewelry by Banou

My jewelry design has a modern contemporary and minimalist look. Each handmade piece will be delivered in a beautiful gift-wrapped box. I love to experiment with different materials including sterling silver, copper, resin and enamel. Be sure to check out my resin rings and enameled earrings and pendants.

Product Photography Tip
Take your pictures outdoor in the sunlight - it gives you a more natural light to your objects and you don't need any light boxes as well.
Cinnamon Jewellery

Original sterling silver, copper and torch enamel jewelry by Tracy. Each piece is individually designed and most are one of a kind. Her pieces incorporate the wonders of metal with semi-precious stones, land work glass, freshwater pearls and crystal beads to create jewelry that you will likely not find on High Street. She launched her Etsy shop selling wire wrapped pieces and still continues to sell handmade jewelry findings from her shop.

Jewelry Making Tip
Sterling wire can be expensive so use copper as a practise wire as it's much cheaper! Also wash your hands before you start handling the wire for your project as any natural oils on them will make gripping the wire difficult.
Nature Themed Jewelry by Casey Sharpe

I transform copper and silver from flat sheets and wire into dimensional representations of animals and other eclectic jewelry designs. I primarily use traditional techniques such as chasing, repousse, and other fabrication methods.

Jewelry Making Tip
Remember to pay attention to all parts of your piece, including the back and the bottom, because these are the little details that encourage people to by handmade work instead of cheaper mass produced things.
Wanderlust Jewelry

Wanderlust Jewelry offers beautiful hand-painted jewelry by skilled Peruvian artisans. Shop our large selection of flower and bird jewelry, nature-themed jewelry, beaded jewelry sets, and semi-precious stone earrings.

Crafting Tip
Can't find the right tool to construct your craft? Perhaps you could create your own. Our painters use handmade brushes with three cat hairs to create fine lines and details that no traditional brush could make.
Hotdogs & Poodles Handmade Accessories

What is a fashionista to do in this recession? Instead of buying new clothes, how about accessorizing what you already have! Hotdogs and Poodles specializes in handmade earrings, hair clips, headbands, and brooch clips for the fashion forward lady. If you like Betsy Johnson, Betty Paige, and Kate Perry's style then these items are for you!

Crafting Tip
Ever had your nylons spontaneously rip? Use clear nail polish to prevent further damage!
Need an inexpensive backsplash for your apartment rental? Tile together clear placemats or a table runner for a temporary fix. Thumbtacks or tape will keep them up.
Has ink ruined your favorite shirt? Rubbing alcohol gets the stain out with out further damage.
Handmade jewelry by Simone Walsh

Beautiful contemporary handmade jewelry created with high quality materials by artisan Simone Walsh. Made in Australia, delivery all over the world.

Selling Crafts Online Tip
Make sure you have and always promote your own domain name when selling online, whether you use it for you own independent shop or have it redirect to an Etsy or Dawanda shop. This will protect your business and give you the ability to keep the same URL if you wish to set up an independent shop later.