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Just for Baby

From booties to diaper bags, the crafters and their websites featured in this category specialize in making items just for babies. Pamper your favorite baby or make a Mom's life easier with something hand-crafted just for baby.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite baby crafts tips .
Sewing, Knitting & Crochet Patterns for Preemies

Care Wear is a wonderful organization founded in Washington D.C. They offer a wonderful selection of free sewing, knitting and crochet patterns for premature and low birth weight infants.

Editor's Note: This site has a list of hospitals across the US and even in some other countries that are looking for handmade items for their tiniest patients. If you have some time and a bit of fabric or yarn; take some time to help comfort these children and their families.

Making Items for Babies Tip
When making hand-crafted items for infants in the hospital, be sure to use washable materials and to not wash them with fabric softeners, perfumes or sachet as these may irritate their fragile skin.
Personalized Diaper Bags

Ideas for customizing your diaper bags and all of your baby gear to coordinate with your chosen nursery themes and decor. Why settle for generic, store bought baby items and gifts when it's so easy to personalize your baby's things?

Baby Shower Gifts Tip
If you are searching for a more personal baby shower gift for a friend, consider making a diaper bag out of fabric that coordinates with her crib bedding set or nursery color scheme. Even if you have not made friends with your sewing machine, you can personalize a ready made baby bag with a monogram or by attaching some pretty trim by hand.
Make Your Own Baby Stuff

Tips and ideas to make your own baby stuff. Make a unique baby wardrobe, boutique baby style, DIY nursery decor, making your own baby food, toys, gifts and more.

Crafts for Babies Tip
Choose very simple and easy baby craft projects and make them extraordinary by using bright colors and patterns to make them pop.
Make Baby Stuff

Baby crafts project tutorials, free baby clothes sewing patterns, baby carrier patterns, toy making instructions and a monthly baby crafts newsletter.

Baby Shower Gifts Tip
When making baby gifts for an expecting mother as a gift, check her registry and take a look at the baby bedding she has registered for. This will give you a color scheme and theme ideas for your crafts and your handmade item is sure to fit in!
Jewish Baby Names

This is the home of the Hebrew Birth Plate, a ceramic Birth Certificate carrying your baby's Jewish name and Hebrew birth date. The Hebrew Birth Plate is made of a bisque ceramic tile, silkscreen printed and then hand painted with acrylic colors and hand written according to the custom order with a fountain pen using acrylic ink and then coated with acrylic varnish and framed in a solid wood frame.

Painting Tiles Tip
To get a good result with polymeric, water-basted lacquer, apply at least 5 coats. I apply one coat when the tile is cold and then heat the tile. When the lacquer is dry, I cool down the tile and apply a new coat and repeat for as many times as I want coats of lacquer.
I found out this method by myself, but later I discovered that this technique is very similar to the Chinese lacquer techniques already used at least for 1600 years working with the Chinese lacquer, which is a natural varnish made from the sap of the lacquer tree.
How to Make a Baby Diaper Cake

On this site, we offer for sale a series of videos which show you how to make different baby diaper cakes using video instruction as well as directions and a supplies checklist you can print out. We cover the most popular styles like 3 tier and 4 tier designs, including the rolled version. These make great baby gifts to welcome the new baby home.

Diaper Cakes Tip
Here's 3 tips for making diaper cakes:
1. Never use pins to attach any item to a diaper cake. You don't want the new mom to discover them by accident (ouch).
2. For the rolled styled diaper cakes, buy the translucent rubber band so that you don't see the brown color of the standard rubber band. You can find these in the beauty supply section of most stores.
3. Some diapers have printed patterns. Decide up front if a printed pattern would look good in your final design. If not, choose an all white diaper.
Handmade Overalls for Infants and Toddlers

At Overall Baby, we are reinventing the look of overalls for infants and toddlers. From your basic and boring denim overall to something fun and cute. Our overalls are offered in a variety of fabrics and prints. They are super durable (all seams are double stitched) and can easily be grown into (since the straps can be adjusted) making them a very economical purchase. They are the perfect playtime wear. Practical and fashionable!

Sewing Tip
My best crafty tip would be to never be afraid to make mistakes! With sewing, mistakes can always be undone, thanks to a trusty seam ripper. When being creative, you have to explore new ideas. You have to be open to possibilities and results. So making a mistake every so often is no big deal. In fact, when it comes to being creative, I don't think there is such a thing as making mistakes. Its all part of the process of exploration!
Happy Cat Boutique

We are a mom & 3 daughters craft business specializing in baby items, such as burp cloths, changing pads, Pee Pee Pyramids, diaper bags, crocheted sweaters and hats, blankets and pillows. Along with our selection of baby items we also have pet placemats, things for mom and sock monkeys. We love custom orders and welcome all ideas!

Sewing with Minky Tip
Sewing with Minky and Another Fabric Tip:
When sewing a fabric that could shrink, such as cotton flannel, to a fabric that will not shrink, such as minky, you will need to pre-shrink the flannel prior to sewing the fabrics together so that the finished product does not become distorted or misshapen when laundered.
apPEARel TREE - Baby Ruffle Bibs & Dresses

Have your little one looking quite stylish with one of apPEARel TREE's adorable Ruffle Baby Bibs or dresses for little girls.

Measuring Your Baby Tip
Measuring a squirmy baby!
To measure my 9 month old baby girl's upper body, I usually sit her in a Bumbo seat so she can't squirm away. Also, I give her a favorite toy to hold to get her attention elsewhere. To measure her entire length, bottle time is best! While she is laying down drinking a bottle and being still, I measure her length to get the most accurate measurement so she doesn't wriggle away.
Mending Life Together

Sewing items for little ones brings so much joy to Olivia. She is offering many of her hand-sewn trendy baby and toddler accessories in her Etsy shop. She uses only the finest fabric and offers everything from crayon roll-ups to tie onesies and skirts. Make your baby the talk of the town with a fun and spunky piece from Mending Life Together. Custom orders welcomed.

Sewing Tip
Make sure when buying Velcro for sewing that it is not the sticky tape kind.