Whether a beginner, expert or just an admirer of those who are; has something for you. Find great resources on learning to knit, free knitting patterns, original knitting patterns for sale, and finished items while browsing through all of the great knitting tips included by each site owner.

All the website owners have also included their favorite knitting crafty tips.
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Stitches In Time

Offering hand knit and crochet items for the entire family. Hand knit mittens, scarves, socks, toys and home decor. I use time honored craft skills to create unique and interesting items, using quality yarns.

Knitting Tip
Knitting patterns may look intimidating to the novice knitter. Take time to thoroughly read the instructions prior to beginning. You will likely find that once you understand what you are being told to do, you will find the project much less confusing.
Creative U Studios

Santa Clarita's only sanctuary for crafters. Knitting, sewing and paper crafting classes. Finish projects as you relax in our pleasant studio environment and receive instruction from helpful and knowledgeable staff. Attend classes, buy quality yarns from brands like Misti Alpaca, Berroco, Red Barn Yarn and Feza or come and socialize with other creative artists.

Knitting Tip
Use the art of knitting to do good! Knit hats for charities like Save the Children and Warm up America!
Lambs Ears Yarns

Kelly's Etsy shop offers her hand spun and dyed wool yarns, hand-knitted items and knitting patterns. Learn how to make one of her lovely knitted sweaters, mittens and vests. Keep your hands nice and warm with her fingerless gloves, mittens and wrist warmers. Enhance your wardrobe and keep toasty warn with her knit hats, scarves and cowls. And, make your own knitted items with her beautiful and luscious wool yarns.

Knitting Tip
My favorite knitting tip: When you are having to go for a long drive and want to knit, use circular needles. They are attached so you won't drop them and loose them under the car seat. They are also smaller, flexible and don't poke the arm rest while you are knitting. Happy knitting!

Roni's website has been online since 1999. She has created a wonderful resource for machine knitters. She offers several guides for finding machine accessories that will work with each machine, including which replacement needles will fit the different knitting machines. She also has a group of free knitting machine patterns for standard machines (4.5 mm), the LK150 (6.5 mid-gauge) and the Chunky Machine (9 mm). Her suggestions on where to find user manuals and her help sheets for beginners make this site a true resource for machine knitters.

Machine Knitting Tip
The easiest way to decrease by a single stitch when machine knitting is to simply move the stitch at the edge to the one next to it. Push the now empty needle into the non-working or 'A' position. When knitting the next row, the two stitches become one, thereby decreasing your stitches.