Knitted Toys

Knitted Toys
Find knitted toys for sale and knitted toy pattens from these very talented knitters. Children from 2 to 92 will be sure to find some knitted fun here.

All the crafty website owners have included their favorite knitting tips.
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courtesy of: Sunfleur
Knitted Toys by Sunfleur

Everyone needs a knitted GooGooMonster!

GooGooMonsters came to me in the wee hours of the morn, begging to be set free. They are inspired by my daughter, who names every monster and imaginary friend "GooGoo". She has taken the prototype and has slept it with every night since.

GooGooMonsters are durable enough to be well-loved and interesting enough to make you smile by just standing around.

Needlefelting Tip
The longer you poke your item with a needlefelting needle, the harder the felt will be. Usually within a few minutes, it is sticking together. If you keep going for 20 minutes, it will shrink considerably and be a very hard felt.

Clever and oh-so-cute is the only way you can describe this collection of free knitting patterns to make baby rattles in the shape of fruits and vegetables. Be sure to check out all of our other great free knitting patterns as well as our yarns and knitting items for sale.

Knitting Tip
It is often advantageous to leave a tail several inches long when creating 3-dimensional pieces. You can use the extra yarn to tack down pieces that curl a bit or even to reshape slightly skewed items.