Knitting for Adults & Teens

Knitting patterns and finished goods for adult and teen clothing. If it's knit and it can be worn, you can find it here.

All the website owners have also included their favorite knitting crafty tips.
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Fool Moon

Unique, handknit accessories for adults and children. Earflap hats with handsewn embellishments, cabled scarves and other accessories.

Knitting Tip
When winding your yarn skein into a ball, fold up the yarn label and wrap your yarn around this. Once you finish knitting with your ball of yarn, your label with the care instructions and fiber content is right there, and you won't have to search around through bits of labels to find the information.
My Vintage Crafts - Hand Knit Scarves

All these scarves were hand knit by me in Lakeway, Texas. They were hand knit the old fashioned way - with knitting needles and yarn. They were not knit on a knitting machine or imported from another country. Check out the beautiful colors and variety of yarns used in making these scarves.

Knitting Tip
If you are just learning to knit, try out the size 50 needles. Your item is knit faster, and it is much easier to see your stitches.

Warm and cozy, hand-knit hats, scarves, and scarflettes as well as knitted monsters, called GooGoomonsters (they have their own section.) Sized for both adults and children there's sure to be something to tempt you or that will make the perfect gift.

Knitting Tip
Instead of buying expensive stitch holders, try a safety pin instead or a piece of contrasting yarn.
Hand Knitted Accessories

I knit fingerless gloves/mittens, cowls, scarves, regular mittens and many other items. I love knitting custom orders, so feel free to make a request.Come on in and take a look around.

Yarn Selection Tip
All wool yarns are not always scratchy. An example is merino wool which is very soft and not at all scratchy.
Northern Watters Knitwear

In an age when most manufacturers strive to cut costs and improve efficiency it has become our goal to be about a hundred years behind the rest. While it might seem to be an odd achievement, it is the only way we know of fulfilling our main objective of being the highest quality maker of outdoor sweaters in the world.

Knitting Design Tip
Always be unique. Following guides and such puts you in the position to copy what someone else did, thus there is no uniqueness to your product.