Knitting Shops

Knitting needles, specialty yarns, stitch counters, knitting books and whatever else you need to complete your knitting projects. Both real world and online kntting shops offer knitters options for finding their favorite yarns and other knitting supplies.

All the knitting shop owners have also included their favorite knitting crafty tips.
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The Knitting Shed - Online Knitting Supplier

The online knitting shop where you can purchase a wide range of Debbie Bliss yarns, knitting and crochet needles, and a selected range of Rowan Cotton Yarns. We aim to provide the highest levels of customer service, with fast and reliable delivery, so you can move on with your knitting, crochet or craft project.

Knitting Tip
If you need to loosen up your cast on, there are two ways to do this. First, as you cast on, space your stitches out along the needle, don't jam them up tight against each other. Second, use a single needle one or two sizes larger than the one one plan to use for your project.