Macrame has evolved from making simple plant hangers to beautiful artisan jewelry and even sculptures. Hemp, silk threads, fine cording, handmade beads and new techniques are being used to create delicate jewelry often referred to as micro macrame.

The artists featured here offer how to's, recommendations for finding materials and their finished macrame items for sale.

Whether you are interested in learning more about micro macrame or want to make more traditional macrame items, all of the website owners have included their favorite macrame tips to get you started.

p.s. The featured category picture shows an example of Cavandoli macrame.
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KnotGypsy Designs on Etsy

Online shop (at featuring finished micro macrame beaded jewelry as well as patterns and kits for several projects. More patterns and kits are on the way!

Macrame Tip
I use clear fingernail polish on the ends of the cords. It stiffens the ends, making it easier to string the beads on - even the tiny size 11 seed beads!
Olga's Macrame Hobby site

Learn how to make basic and some unique Macrame knots. Visit the photo gallery of my handmade Macrame items with descriptions and instructions on how to make them. Explore the history of macrame art and learn about the origins of the craft and hopefully become inspired to make your own macrame art.

Macrame Knotting Tip
You don't need anything for creating Macrame piece - only your hands, some yarn - and sometimes your imagination! Macrame is almost lost art but nowadays it become more and more popular.

When making knots with picots, covering your work surface with a piece of plaid fabric or lined paper will make it easier to create uniformly-sized loops.
Free Macrame Patterns

Learn the knotting techniques used in the art of Macrame, including Chinese and Celtic knots. Create a variety of handcrafted items and Micro-Macrame jewelry using the free patterns available on this site. New patterns are added regularly.

Crafty with Leather Tip
When using leather to make jewelry, you cannot put pins through, or you will damage the material. Use the Cross-Pin technique instead:

Put 2 pins on either side of the strand of leather. Make sure they both lean towards the cord, and they cross.
Sherri's Special Things

Beautiful beaded macrame jewelry, especially watches and bracelets. Tiny beads and tiny threads are carefully knotted and woven into lovely jewelry that is nothing like the macrame of old.

Macrame Finishing Tip
Use a no-fray liquid (found at fabric shops) on the ends of macrame cord to keep the ends from fraying! It dries fairly hard and will make it much easier to thread on tiny seed beads.
Macrame Art

I am a macrame artist who specializes in three dimensional sculpture. My unique macrame technique enables me to create bouquets of flowers, butterflies, owls and large complex wall-hangings of over 2 meters!

Dying Macrame Cord Tip
Most macrame artists dye the string before making knots.
However, if you'd like to achieve multi-coloured artwork, consider using my technique! I use watercolours which are dissolved in a boiling water or any other natural dyes (from plants, or trees' bark). I paint a finished macrame with a paintbrush -just like a painting on stretched canvas. First take the brightest colour and paint everything, then take a shade darker and put on another layer. To achieve a bright and vibrant piece, you will have to put from 10 to 20 layers of different colours (e.g. from yellow, to orange, to red and to brown eventually). The process of painting takes few hours. But be patient, thanks to this technique - the colours will look beautiful in the light and they will stay on longer!
Phat Hemp Jewelry

Phat Hemp combines hemp fibers with gemstones, lampworked beads and other hand made beads to create unique pieces of wearable art. My pieces feature beautiful beads from small, independent artisans surrounded by hemp cording worked in both traditional macrame and original designs. I offer a variety of pieces from the casual to the elegant and take custom orders as well.

Bead Selection for Macrame Tip
When purchasing lampworked beads for hemp projects, don't be afraid to ask the bead maker if they used a a 3/32, 1/16, or 1/8 mandrel. I have found that beads made on those sizes of mandrel have big enough holes to use with hemp cords of .5 to 1.0 mm.
Iijitsa Hemp and Leather Jewelry

Variety of Hemp and Leather Jewelry made to order. Explore our site to get ideas for you next project!

Macrame Cord Length Tip
For hemp bracelets or necklaces here is an easy formula on how to calculate length of strings depending on the size of the item. Multiply required length of item by 8. Simple! The ratio is different for thick hemp, try weaving 1 inch bracelet first and measure how much hemp is used.
Hemp Necklace Store

A large selection of unique designs including rainbow hemp jewelry, glass mushroom pendant, black hemp jewelry and men's hemp jewelry.

Macrame Tip
When making macrame jewelry it's often helpful to use extra string because it's better to have some left over when you are finished than to run out before you are finished.
Sailor Bracelets and Rope Bracelets

Our family has been making the Sailor Knot bracelets here in Connecticut for over 50 years. Check out our wide selection of white cotton, striped, outlined and macrame pieces. Every item is made by hand and custom orders are available.

Crafting Tip
If you've never used a 'hot glue pot,' try it!
Always take your time to find the best quality materials.

Macrame gift shop featuring jewelry, home decor, wall hangings, and seasonal decor.

Macrame Tip
There are many advantages to using synthetic macrame cord. This cord is washable and fade proof. Also, this cord can be brushed with a pet brush when creating animals or wall hangings. You can also fuse cords together or melt the ends using a cigarette lighter.