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Where macrame enthusiasts gather to share tips, techniques, latest projects, and their frustrations.

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Specializing in beaded micro macrame jewelry. Blog showcases finished jewelry and patterns for those who want to learn how to make it themselves. Blog also includes articles on basic knots, materials, creativity and more.

Macrame Tip
I use C-lon nylon beading cord as it fits through the hole on most size 11 seed beads! It is also durable and has enough stiffness to support most any design without being too stiff to handle easily.
Macrame Lovers Blog

Community for macrame lovers featuring free patterns, tips ideas and news. Blog is updated weekly with photos and ideas for all levels of macrame enthusiasts.

Macrame Tip
Once you have learned how to do basic knots, practice with nylon instead of silk, as it is much easier to undo the knots!
The key to a polished look is knots that are uniform in size. It takes practice but well worth it!
When learning a new type of knot, use different colors in your cords so you can better see where the cords are coming and going.