Free Tips on Building Your Crafty Business

selling crafts onlineThere are a numerous sites offering the same tired articles on building a craft business.

This isn’t one of them!

All of the articles presented here were written by me, Michele; the owner of These articles have stemmed from my own personal experience and conversations on various craft-related forums that I am a member of.

It’s Different on the Internet

Selling crafts on the Internet is different than selling crafts in person. Crafters either have to hire someone to put together a website or like most of us, make their own.

Crafty Business Websites

This section of is designed to help the crafter wanting to begin selling their crafts on the Internet or wanting to get more visitors to their existing site.

Selling crafts on the Internet is quite different than selling items at craft fairs and to your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Now you are going to have to worry about such things as webhosts, SEO, and online marketing. Our intent is to provide some unbiased help and suggestions to grow and promote your online craft business.

Not a crafter?

The information presented here does make use of examples related to selling crafts; however, many of the tips and techniques are applicable to any professional website that sells a product or service.