Product Descriptions for Selling Crafts on the Internet

Write Me A Picture

Pictures will lure them in but good descriptions are what makes the sale.

There is virtually no way to photograph some things, so you will need to sharpen your pencils and get typing on your keyboard. To sell your crafts on the Internet, you will have to convey through pictures and in words what someone would know instantly should they find the same item in a shop or craft fair.

Remember, they can’t touch it

When marketing crafts and handmade items on the Internet, you can never forget that your customers can neither touch or smell your items. Along with sight, touch and smell have a major impact on any buying decision.

That beautiful crochet scarf your made could be the most itchy and irritating thing anyone has had the misfortune to wear; or it could be the softest and cuddliest thing that people stroke simply to feel its loveliness.

Selling Crafts

selling crafts onlineThe first thing to remember is that you are a salesman; think Vanna White, not Tony at the used car lot.
You want to explain and demonstrate how great the item is without overselling it. And most importantly – think like a buyer, not a crafter.

Let’s stick with our scarf example.

Description 1: I made this scarf with yarn left over my last afghan. It is 40 stitches across and 300 long. I alternated a new crochet stitch I learned from Craftster to create the stripes. I also used some left-over acrylic yarn to create the fringe…

Description 2: Soft and cuddly, this 7 inch wide, ribbed scarf will keep you warm on the coldest of days. Including the fringe, this 48 inch long scarf can be left fashionably…

Unless your buyer is another crocheter, chances are description 1 will make little to no sense. And doesn’t the fact that you used some old junk yarn you had laying around just invite someone to open up their wallet and buy your item?

Description 2 explains the iten in terms anyone could understand and also subtly tells the customer that they should buy the scarf because it is soft, cuddly and fashionable.

Why is it special

It is crucial to mix salesmanship with your product descriptions. You are going to have to use pictures and words to convey what one experiences if they were in physical contact with your items for sale.

Pictures can convey what your craft items look like, but it is the description that will invite the potential customer to buy your items.

Close the Deal

Emotions, texture, and smells are what ultimately makes the sale, when selling crafts online, you will need to use your descriptions to share your items and convey what it would be like to own that item.

Selling crafts online is one case where pictures can not tell the story on their own and must be accompanied by well-written descriptions to close the sale.


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