Mosaics have been around for centuries. Through the years the main techniques have remained the same, but many new tools and materials have increased it's popularity.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips on making mosaics.
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the Joy of Shards Mosaics Resource

We aim to share an enthusiasm for mosaic art and provide a high quality, extensive online resource where visitors can learn about mosaic making and study examples in a wide range of styles and materials. All information is free and doesn't require signing up for membership or a newsletter.

Making Mosaics Tip
Some of the best places to find interesting china pieces are jumble sales and charity/thrift stores. Also, be sure to ask all of your friends and family to keep things they break. You could even ask at crockery shops if they have any breakages.
Mosaic china art Cottage Rose Studio

Mosaic art using broken china and stained glass to cover vintage furniture and architectural finds. Beautiful functional art.

Mosaics Tip
I use a grout bag for round pearls and other jewelry items to keep the jeweled items in perfect shape. Easier for control and clean-up.
Mosaic Patterns

Mosaic Patterns Online is your resource for patterns for mosaic projects. Included with the pattern is a photographic step-by-step guide and a materials and equipment list. Loads of free patterns to download.

Mosaic Making Tip
Using a wooden tongue depressor is a great way to mix and spread your grout. You can also cut it in half when you want to spread your adhesive down on a surface.
How to make a Broken China Garden Shovel

Express yourself in a fun and creative way by adding a colorful mosaic shovel to your garden. Every garden needs some interesting garden art ... the more unique the better. My idea of garden art is anything that I can put in my garden that makes me smile.
It's an easy project that you can do even if you're new to mosaics. Best of all the majority of the materials came from thrift stores and garage sales.

Mosaics Tip
China plates have a thick ridge on the back so you won't always get a flat piece. So use a tile nippers to cut off the ridge so your china will sit flat.