Natural Crafts (non-gourd)

Natural Crafts (non-gourd)

Bring the great outdoors inside with these crafty ideas using natural materials.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips on natural crafts.
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Wheat Weaving

Learn the basics of wheat weaving. We offer several free weaving patterns including this braided heart or Mordiford. Finished and custom pieces available. Crafters looking to learn more advanced techniques on this natural craft can arrange for private classes.

Wheat Weaving Tip
If you need to take a break while you are weaving wheat, keep the straws wet by wrapping them in a damp towel.
Broom & Brush Making

Broom making, brush making, classes, demonstrations and sales. Our products include unique broomcorn brushes, sailor's whisks, brooms, hand forged candle holders, iron and copper courting candles. We also make all types of iron handled brushes. Classes are small and affordable.

Broom Making Tip
Whenever you are using natural materials such as broom corn, or some thin strips for basket material, it is commonly known to soak them in water for a while to make them pliable. Some of these materials may develop mold when damp. Soaking in a weak bleach solution may help. Try a sample of the material first, to see how it reacts and be mindful of your clothes and surroundings as bleach is harmful to fabrics etc.
Bloomin' Gifts by Simone Sheppard

Pressed flowers and calligraphy by Simone Sheppard. Originals and prints, in mats, frames, magnets and more. Original poetry and old favorites. Invitations framed with pressed flowers and now a planet-loving children's book, 'Just Imagine...'

Flower Pressing Tip
When pressing flowers, press them first to enjoy them later. Wilting flowers will not press well so try to preserve them in the peek of bloom.
Rustic Crafts and Green Craft Projects

Craft project tutorial website in which all projects incorporate recycled materials or natural elements in their design.

Thrifty Tip
Turn worn out sweater cuffs into cozy coffee sleeves or bottle holders that are soft to hold on to and pleasing to look at.
South Florida Bamboo is where we will post all of our bamboo products from walking canes and staffs to flutes and jewelry, even Sake sets and sushi plates! Not to forget Bamboo charcoal, Mugs and More! The letter openers and bamboo swords, really show the detail grain of this beautiful bamboo. Home Grown and Handmade in the USA!

Crafting with Bamboo Tip
Working with bamboo is different than working with wood. Instead of drilling bamboo I burn holes using heated steel rods of different dimensions. This cauterizes the hole and gives a clean seal all around it. Drilling can be done with very small bits, but the skin of the bamboo tends to pull up with the bit if it's too large. If using a drill use spur point or tile bits for a better result than a twist bit.

Combining the rich cultural heritage of South Carolina with natural crafts, this website celebrates those artists in South Carolina who make use of items found in nature to create their art. The site has 8 highly detailed craft project tutorials - coiled clay pottery, paper making, pine needle baskets, bentwood trellis making, dyes and dying, kudzu basket weaving, weaving and dioramas.

Natural Crafts Tip
When collecting natural items to incorporate with your artwork, always be mindful of your environment. Please remember that National and State parks have regulations about what flora can be removed and always ask permission when hunting for natural items on private property.