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Needlepoint & Embroidery

Needlepoint and embroidery were once the pasttime of the gentry. Today, needle artists around the world are creating wonderful works of art with tiny stitches and a wide variety of threads and fabrics.

All the website owners have also included their favorite needlepoint and embroidery tips.

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Temari Kai

Temari balls are embroidered balls that use age-honored techniques that are over 500 years old. This craft, originating in the Orient, is shared on this informative site that includes numerous tutorials on techniques, stitches and a huge collection of free patterns graded by difficulty. A newsletter and a Yahoo group turn this informative site into a great community for anyone interested in learning and sharing their love for Temari Balls.

Temari Ball Tip
When creating a Temari Ball, it's best not to thread wrap using a silky and/or shiny thread. These types of threads tend to slip out of place and are difficult to keep even.
Japanese Temari from Barbara B. Suess

Recycle your yarn and thread scraps into a beautiful temari ball. Temari (hand ball in Japanese) is a folk craft born in ancient Japan to amuse and entertain children with an embroidered toy thread ball. Easy patterns make quick and unique Christmas ornaments. Discover how in the book Japanese Temari, A Colorful Spin on an Ancient Craft.

Temari Ball Tip
Keep a large glass jar or vase near your stitching chair. Toss in yarn and thread bits for a colorful decoration and reminder of your projects. When the jar is full, use the contents to make a temari ball. Stuff a handful into an old sock, wrap with soft yarn, then thread, and stitch a temari design.
Pop Goes The Needle

The place to find patterns for punchneedle embroidery. Folkart patterns, holiday patterns, primatives, and decor - all patterns are pre-printed on cloth. Patterns are also available for instant download! You will also find an extensive section on How to Punchneedle, as well as a free pattern for download.

Crafting Tip
Stay active in on-line groups such as the Yahoo Groups that relate to your craft. You will find people from all over the world who share the same experiences as you and are willing to help each other.
Apex Embroidery Fonts & Designs Full Alphabets

Cute & Trendy Embroidery Fonts & Designs. Polka Dots and Curly Fonts.

Embroidery Design Tip
How to Use Embroidery Alphabets. I save each letter to my clipboard then I paste each one into the program, to form a name or word . With Alphabets, each letter is like a design. You have to combine the designs to make a name.
Kalocsa Embroidery

The rare old Kalocsa style embroidery can be of white colour. A very old motif is the motif of the heart- shaped flower which can stand for life, love.

Kalocsa Embroidery Tip
With Kalocsa style embroidery the colours and motifs used portray meaning. A heart-shaped flower represents life and love. White coloured embroidery symbolizes purity and innocence while the coloured works celebrate a zest for life.
ZIVA Needlepoint Designs

Award winning designer, Sylvia McLeod, creates quality, timeless needlepoint designs, handpainted on canvas, for you to wear (handbags and purses, belts, bracelets, etc.) and to decorate your home (seat covers, pillows, area rugs, etc.). All for today's woman.

Needlepoint Blocking Tip
When you are ready to block your stitched needlepoint tapestry and if it has a rounded shape, it's a good idea to mark the canvas threads with a waterproof marker at regular intervals horizontally and vertically on the back before blocking it. (Remember you block the canvas face side down.)

This will gave you the necessary guidelines to ensure that the canvas will be straight as you're blocking it.

For unusual and unique embroidery projects - from bags to camera pouches and anything in between! I combine my passion for sewing and embroidery to create functional and decorative projects that beautifully pair the two. Don't just settle for embroidering garments and linens, let your sewing skills really shine with my embroidery projects like this treasure chest piggy bank.

Sewing & Embroidery Tip
Always have the right pair of scissors for the right job - Sharp scissors make a huge difference in the end result!
Plays With Needles

You can peer over the shoulder of fiber artist Susan Elliott as she combines fabrics, beads, threads and natural materials that will leave you wondering which elements are natural and which were stitched by Susan. She shares wonderful pictures of her work as it progresses and shares techniques she learns along the way. Visit for the eye candy. Stay for the master class in artistry.

Embroidery Tip
One of the hardest things to create in embroidery is a truly random pattern. No matter how hard I tried, I kept creating noticeable patterns. In one of my projects where I was trying to create the illusion of scattered sand, it finally came to me how to make truly random stitches. I scattered the beads on the piece letting them remain wherever they fell and took several photographs. I then used the pictures as a pattern to help me place the beads and finally had the random look I was hoping for.