Stitch Guides

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Stitch Guides

Free needlepoint and embroidery stitch guides. Learn bargello, tapunto, candlewicking and all the other great stitches from these fellow stitchers.

All the website owners have also included their favorite needlepoint and embroidery needlepoint and embroidery tips.
Sharon B's Stitch Guide

A fully-illustrated guide to many common and quite a few lesser-known embroidery stitches. Each stitch is shown used in one of the artist's own embroidered pieces. Typical fabrics used with the embroidery stitches is also discussed. All stitches are graded as to difficulty.

Embroidery Tip
Some of the most interesting effects can be created when using embroidery stitches together to create patterns and motifs. For example, add a French knot or oyster stitch at the end a fly or feather stitch to create flower buds.