Learn the art of paper folding from the masters. Be inspired with how they take a flat piece of paper and turn it into some 3-dimensional goodness. You will be amazed by their creativity as well as their talent at this ancient art of origami.

Best of all, all the website owners have also included their favorite origami crafty tips.
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Origami Spirit

Origami Spirit is the personal blog of Leyla Torres where she shares her origami techniques, the works of other origami artists and commentary about life in general. Her work and that of others will inspire you much as a huge Christmas tree decorated with origami ornaments once inspired her.

Origami Paper Tip
The next time you want a bit of mottled coloring on your origami, place some crayon shavings between two sheets of onion skin paper. Gently melt the crayon by ironing the onion skin paper with a warm iron. Then make your origami using the colorized onion skin paper to create a truly unique piece.
Happy Folding

Instructional videos, a large gallery, folding diagrams, an origami dictionary and just about anything else you could think of can be found on this inspiring origami blog. Happy Folding hopes to inspire but does come with a friendly warning - exploring the art of origami can make you hooked on folding.

Origami Folding Tip
Making accurate creases is easiest when you fold away from yourself. So when you need to make a crease, rotate the paper so that the point or edge you will be moving is closest to you. With little effort you'll have a much easier time making accurate folds, and thus more beautiful little works of art.
Origami Club

Great Japanese origami site with hundreds of great folding projects for the beginning folder to the advanced. This site is offered in both English and Japanese and should provide many hours of origami goodness.

Origami Tip
Use paper cutouts for eyes rather than use a marking pen. The pen might bleed through the paper and ruin your origami.
Gilad's Origami Page

This huge origami site features articles, diagrams, book reviews and a wonderful tribute to the Origami Swami including a number of her original diagrams. Folders will find inspiration and plenty of great diagrams and a huge gallery for inspiration.

Origami Wet Folding Tip
Avoid using fingernails or other hard edges when wet folding. Folds should be made only with the fingertips with air-folding being the preferred technique.
Joost Langeveld Origami Page

Joost shares his love for origami through his extensive galleries and how-to videos. His favorite designs are folded flowers and the majority of his video tutorials are on how to fold origami flowers. The site includes suggestions on flower arranging, basic folds, an origami dictionary and making your own paper. This site is also available in Dutch - look for the link on the homepage.

Origami Paper Tip
Rather than use manufactured paper, I used plain copy paper and my printer to create colorful papers which include designs for the center of the flowers, leaves and petals. Experiment with color and design when following someone else's folding diagram to add your own personality to the pieces.
Eric Joisel

Eric Joisel was a master paperfolder by all accounts. To visit his website is to explore how 35 years of practice can lead to art that defies logic and seems all but impossible. From a rhinoceros larger than the artist himself, to an 11 piece set of musicians to most charming little mouse, every one of Eric's pieces shows a bit of his humor and charm. Be inspired by his works to expand your own origami skills or, like me, just marvel at the works of art this charming man has left behind made from a single sheet of paper. Through his friends and admirers, you'll learn a bit about the man and even find 10 of Eric's diagrams on the site to try for yourself.
Editor's Note: I do hope that the caretakers of Eric's website and works do not mind that I have included a photo of one of his beloved works.

Crafting Tip
Even experienced origami artists know that they may have to refold a work several times before mastering a new piece. Sometimes it's best to leave a piece alone for a day, a week, or even months until inspiration strikes and you realize a solution on how to complete a particular section of your origami sculpture. Don't get discouraged if you are following someone else's folding diagram and don't get it right on the first or even the 11th try.
The Origami Forum

Origami enthusiasts from around the world offer advice on folding, working specific diagrams and where to find origami supplies. Galleries, help searching for models and friendly origami challenges are all part of this large and active community.

Crafting Tip
If you plan on making your own tissue foil, make sure you use a glue that works on both porous (the tissue) and non-porous (the foil) surfaces.
The Stitch and Fold

Origami miniatures, ornaments, cards and more. All lovingly handmade by glycosidic.

Origami Folding Tip
Aim for precise, neat folds when making your origami :-)
For really tiny models, try using a hairpin to help with folds.
Handmade By Deb

Deb shares her explorations in the Japanese art of folding paper on her wonderful blog. She offers many video tutorials, provides a sneak peek at many origami books and even has origami giveaways. Learn to bring life to paper with Deb!

Origami Tip
Use a bone folder for sharp creases! It makes a difference. There are two types, those made from actual cow bones and the synthetic ones, usually plastic. You can find bone folders at most craft stores.