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Placemats have always been a colorful way to brighten up your dining table. But, the humble placemat has now become one of the hottest crafting trends. Many are making purses from placemats and sharing their techniques. If it is about crafting with placemats or making placemats, you can find information here.

All the website owners have also included their favorite placemat crafting tips.
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How to Make a Purse from Placemats

This simple project is one of a series of crafty projects offered by a local television station. This project uses two fringed placemats to make a cute purse.

Thrifty Tip
Your local dollar store, Dollar General, or other discount store is the best place to find inexpensive placemats for this project.
Placemat Organizer

Simple and quick stationary organizer made with one placemat. Keep all your writing materials in one convenient place. Great to use when traveling.

Editor's Note: This site has a handful of craft ideas, but the main purpose of the site is to share the history of the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Scottish Borders, Central Scotland and the Scots who lived there. There are several free and complete books on the site and many beautiful pictures of Scotland.

Crafting With Placemats Tip
You can use a ribbon to hold your organizer closed; but if you plan on traveling with your placemat organizer, a bit of velcro will be both flatter and more durable.
Placemat Backpack

4 placemats, 2 neckties, and in 10 easy steps you can have your own backpack!

Crafting With Placemats Tip
Seek out placemats with a nice border and substantial weight that have some batting in them. It will make your backpack have a more decorative look as well as being more sturdy.
Placemat Purse 2

Fully illustrated instructions for making 2 different placemat purses. The first purse features a fringed placemat and no zippers. The second placemat purse has additional instructions for a zippered inner pocket and a zipper closure. The second placemat purse is lined using a coordinating napkin.

Placemat Purse Making Tip
This works with an unlined placemat or with a lined placemat. The back of the lined placemat shows on the inside of the bag, so it's like a pre-lined purse.
Placemat Hats

Fine straw placemats make great hats and hat bases. Placemats are much cheaper than straw fabric and their design motifs and finished edges will save construction time.

Editor's Note: This site is maintained by a costume designer and Professor of the Theatre Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and as she puts it, is "one of the World Wide Web's largest, and most eclectic, costume sites."

Placement Hat Making Tip
Be gentle when forming your hat, the straw may not cooperate and break; you may have to continually steam the placemat to prevent damaging it.
Placemat Purse 3 - Straw

Find an embroidered straw placemat, some coordinating fabric, a zipper and something for handles, and you are only a few stitches away from making this fun summer purse. Easy to follow and fully illustrated instructions will show you how to make a gusset for your placemat purse and the conversation that follows should answer all of your questions.

Placemat Purse Making Tip
When measuring the folded placemat to determine the size of your gusset, use several clothes pins to secure the placemat while you measure.

Along with a nice variety of other quilting patterns, this site teaches how to make a placemat using 6 Churndash quilt blocks. Included are two different variations on finishing off your placemat and several ideas for block placement.

Quilting Tip
When following the placemat pattern or any other pattern, don't cut your backing fabric until your top is done. Your final dimensions may vary slightly from the designer's.