Pottery & Ceramics

Turns of the wheel, a lump of clay and layers of glaze combine to create functional art.

For thousands of years talented artisans have been turning lumps of clay into both useful and decorative items. The websites listed here offer their completed pottery and ceramic pieces for sale, share video tutorials, pottery and ceremic making tips and/or offer classes.

Visit their sites to buy unique handmade items, learn how to make your own or just admire their lovely work.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite pottery tips.

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Make It Yourself Ceramics Studio and Learning Center

Learn, Party, Shop. Make it Yourself Studio is an open studio for ceramics and glass artists. We offer classes for adults, kids, artists, and crafty people. We teach wheel throwing, handbuildling, and glass fusing. Make dichroic jewelry with us. Be sure to visit our blog for the latest news about what we're up to and pottery and glass making tutorials.

Pottery Tip
S cracking can occur on pieces that dry unevenly, for instance if you take your bowl and put it in front of a fan. Other reasons for S cracks are leaving water in the bottom of your piece before you put it away
Katie McFarland Pottery and Clay Wall Murals

Handmade Pottery, Sculptural Pottery, Free Standing Sculptures, and Ceramic Wall Murals made using red earthenware clay. Each of my pieces is constructed using traditional handbuilding methods, slabs, thrown on a pottery wheel or in several methods combined. I mix my own glazes and slips to ensure the highest quality results. I offer a variety of pieces on my website and truly enjoy working on commissioned wall murals, sculptures and other pottery projects.

Buying Pottery Tip
Don't be afraid to ask an artisan questions before you buy. Most are more than happy to answer any questions about their work, such as how it is made or the materials used. Better to ask if something is safe for use with food or the microwave than find out the hard way and possibly ruin your favorite piece.
Lakeside Pottery School and Studio

Lakeside Pottery School and Studio's website is a wonderful educational resource. Run by a husband and wife team, they offer classes for everyone from young children to advanced potters in their studio in Stamford, CT. Their website has dozens of great pottery tips and instructions. Be sure to check out the super cute hedgehog tutorial.

Pottery Firing Tip
You are likely to get a spiral crack up the side of your pot during firing if you put a thick layer of glaze on the inside and no glaze or a thin layer of glaze on the outside.
Ceramics And Crafts

Look no further for Ceramic Bisque! We offer a large selection at great prices! On top of that, we also offer wholesale pricing, for even more savings!

Ceramic Tip
Always run a dry brush all over the bisque you are about to paint. It will remove ceramic dust left behind by the cleanup process and the kilning process.
Pottery on the Wheel

Online pottery lessons, videos, photos, tips, and encouraging words. Learn how to choose clay, center your clay properly, pull up the walls, fire, and glaze your pottery.

Pottery Tip
When throwing pottery, always be sure to keep enough water on your fingers otherwise your fingers will stick to your pot and you'll have to start over.
Ceramics by ArtBlonde

Kira is an honors graduate of CUNY Hunter College and has a Bachelor's in Fine Art. She is now offering her original ceramics and art in her Etsy shop ArtBlonde. You'll find original, modern pieces like the incense holder shown with this listing - functional art - what could be better?

Crafting Tip
Be creative and make things you want to have in the house! Whatever your medium, make something that is useful.