Programs & Classes

Programs & Classes

Learn how to make just about anything from professional artists and crafters at these formal programs and classes.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips for getting the most out of formal crafting programs and classes.

Classes and programs will be grouped by state and states will be added as needed.
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Decorative Painting Art Classes

Art studio in Western PA with classes in decorative arts and crafts, with an emphasis on acrylic and oil painting.

Attending an Art Class Tip
Excerpt from 'Painting Tips and Advice' on Acrylic paint: If I am going to an art class seminar outside my studio, I take along a commercial cleaner, either liquid or solid, and just leave the soap in the bristles until I return home (I should mention that after putting the soap in the bristles, I stroke the bristles to put them back to their natural shape).
Pottery and Sculpting Programs and Classes

Lakeside Pottery is a ceramic art educational resource for the community working with clay located in Stamford CT. In our facility, learn the art of decorative and functional pottery, using the potters wheel and ceramic sculpting. Activities include group classes, private lessons, teachers professional development, after school programs and summer camp. Open Studio time can be purchased for independent work. Workshops offered include Raku, Altered Forms, Large Forms, Sculpting and guest artists

Working with Clay Tip
Clay is an extraordinarily tactile, honest and alluring medium; an ideal vehicle through which to explore, express and discover ones creative inner world. Working with clay is also an excellent tool for exploring fears, attitudes, thoughts and feelings. The use of clay encourages self-discovery and adds to sensory stimulation. It can be an outlet for frustration and improves motor skills. You can tell a lot about people by the way the use their hands and how they explore new limits and experience success or failure. The use of the potter’s wheel in particular requires one to be focused, patient, decisive, delicate and fearless. One can gain these attributes apply them to not only their pottery work but also to their everyday lives.
Tryon Arts and Crafts School

Tryon Arts and Crafts School was established in 1960.It conducts workshops and classes to promote the arts and crafts. Located in beautiful Tryon, North Carolina, the school offers classes for adults and children in their facility. They love working with people, teaching them new skills and in turn learning from them. Their gift shop is full of wonderful items made by their students and faculty. They offer their classes to the public as well as their membership and hold an annual Fall Festival in nearby Harmon Park.

Crafting Tip
When attending an arts and crafts workshop be sure to wear appropriate clothing. Don't wear your best as it may hinder your creativity if you are worried about getting it dirty. Also be mindful of flowing or draping clothing as it can be dangerous or inhibit movement due to modesty concerns.