Quilts are about more than just keeping warm. Great ideas, patterns, shared tips, and quilts ready to be wrapped up in can be found here.

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Valerie Custom Quilting

Valerie Custom Quilting: Quilts to Love for a Lifetime. If you are needing professional quilting services, look no further! Valerie Custom Quilting offers skilled hand-guided quilting services at affordable prices. You make the quilt top and provide the backing, I can provide the batting, and together we will decide on a quilting motif and a thread color to enhance the beauty of your piecing skills. Quilt design services and memory quilts also available, ask for details.

Quilt Construction Tip
If you need to piece together a quilt back, I recommend you leave the selvages on until piecing is done. Pin your fabrics together along the selvage, right sides together. Sew your seam 1/4" away from the edge of the printing (your seam allowance may be up to 1" wide), then go back and trim off the excess fabric after your seam is sewn. This way your fabric is stable while you're sewing, and you're guaranteed that none of the selvage will show up on your quilt back. Also, be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of your line of stitching so your backing doesn't fall apart as you're quilting!
History of Quilting

Womenfolk is a place of inspiration for women where women's creativity is encouraged. A wonderful resource on the history of quilting along with many free patterns to make your own authentic period quilts.

Quilting Tip
In an interview one old-time quilter recalled how she cut a pattern. First she cut the pieces out of newspaper and then traced and the pattern pieces onto sandpaper. By using pattern pieces cut from fine sandpaper, they don't slide on the fabric.
Baileys Quilting

You've spent a great deal of time and effort on completing your quilt top. Let me help you finish your quilting project with continuous line or heirloom quilting techniques.

Quilting Tip
Poor quality thread is frustrating to use with constant breaking, excess lint and tangles. Better thread results in stronger seams and less frustration. You'll have more time to enjoy doing what you love!
Quilt Lovers Guide

One quilt lover shares her passion for quilting with a wonderfully informative site based upon her 10+ years of teaching others how to quilt. From basic techniques to the advanced and a fully illustrated tutorial on making T-shirt quilts, this site has something for all experience levels.

Applique Quilting Tip
To make a nice crisp edge around round applique pieces, cut out a cardboard guide that is 1/4 inch smaller than your fabric pieces. Sew a running stitch around the piece 1/8 from the edge of the fabric. Lay the cardboard on the wrong side of the fabric and pull the running stitch to make the fabric gather around the cardboard. Iron the seam. Remove the cardboard and sew your applique piece to your quilt.

CQ Magazine Online is a free online magazine written by crazy quilters for crazy quilters. Each issue comes with a Block of the Issue quilting pattern, book reviews and ideas and tutorials from crazy quilters across the web.

Quilt Embellishment Tip
Think out of the box when embellishing your crazy quilts. Next time try a double herringbone stitch using two very different textures of thread - one over the other. Add a bead or button to the top of some stitches to create an even more interesting and unique look.