Free Paper Piecing Patterns

Free Paper Pieced Patterns

Paper piecing is a wonderful technique for all levels of quilting and sewing abilities. Each pattern piece is cut using a paper piece for a guide. Fabric and paper are sewn together to create crisp and even seam lines. Then gently pull off the paper from the back and you have a finished quilt top. This technique is particularly useful when creating miniature quilts and small wall-hangings.

All the website owners have included their favorite quilting tips on the making of quilts and their care.
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Wendy's Quilting Place

This wonderful paper piecing quilt site is in both Dutch and English. Along with a number of other free paper piecing quilting patterns, Wendy shares her many wonderful quilted creations and her paper piecing quilt books.

Crafting Tip
Consider fabric choices carefully. When making smaller paper-pieced projects, fabrics with large patterns may not look as good as fabrics with smaller patterns.
Yvonne's Quilt and Patchwork

A wonderful selection of free paper piecing quilt block patterns. Special sections for flowers, hearts and Christmas are joined by a variety of patterns in the small block, blocks for quilts and projects sections.

Christmas Quilting Tip
Most any quilt motif can be used for Christmas simply by using fabrics in reds and greens.
Quilter's Cache

Free paper piecing patterns, applique shapes and even a nice selection of free border patterns can be found here. Many of the quilt blocks are pieced together showing how the blocks could be assembled into a finished quilt. Scans of actual fabric are used to better illustrate how the finished blocks will look. Along with what must be hundreds of paper pieced quilt patterns are more traditionally pieced block patterns. We even have a section of blocks designed for children to make.

Paper Piece Quilting Tip
If you are new to quilting and paper piecing, start with patterns that use fewer and bigger pieces for your first project. Once you get the hang of paper piecing you can work on more intricate designs or even begin creating your own patterns.
Forest Quilting

The last time we checked, Pat Adams had shared over 40 free paper pieced quilt patterns on her website. The group contains everything from geometric patterns, to traditional quilt blocks to Christmas paper piecing patterns. There's bound to be something here that will inspire you to hit up your fabric stash and get quilting. Pat also shares a number of great quilting motif patterns too.

Paper Piece Quilting Tip
By far my favorite and first tip for paper-piecing would be to starch the fabric used in a paper-piecing project. I use a starch concentrate and make it about 50% strength. I am very careful to not over saturate the fabric which could cause the fabric to distort. Lightly misting and pressing, repeatedly if necessary, stabilizes the fabric beautifully. As the paper-pieced blocks are completed and the paper is removed the block shape is well maintained. I gently wash all my paper-pieced projects to remove all the starch.

Jennifer Rogers Ofenstein is the creative quilter behind Sewhooked. Her site is full of quilting goodness including a fairly large selection of free paper pieced quilt patterns. She offers each of the patterns in downloadable PDF files along with quilting and paper piecing tutorials. Don't miss her Harry Potter and unique collection of Sunbonnet Sue paper piece pattern variations.

Paper Piece Quilting Tip
Save money by buying two rotary cutters. Keep one just for fabric and use the other one for squaring up paper-pieced quilt squares. When the fabric-only cutter starts getting dull and needs a new blade, transfer the old one to the trimming cutter. You'll use fewer blades in the long run and ensure cleaner fabric cuts.

A nice selection of free paper pieced quilt patterns. There's even a number of patterns that combine the individual quilt squares to create a larger project. Decide which type of paper will be best for your individual needs with my side-by-side comparisons of commonly used paper types for paper piecing. Others have shared their ideas to make this site a great resource for paper piecing.

Paper Piece Quilting Tip
When it comes time to remove the paper from the back of your paper pieced quilt blocks, the task will be easier if you did a back stitch or two at the beginning and end of each piece.


A truly talented paper-piece quilt designer shares a bit about her life and the world around her. With her daily activities for inspiration, she creates some of the most charming quilt block designs and best of all provides them as part of her on-going Block a Day series.

Applique Quilting Tip
Use a glue stick to tack down a seam allowance for a curved piece that will be appliqued. Machine stitch just outside of the curve, fold the fabric under at the seam and tack down with the glue to create a nice crisp edge.