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Scrapbooking unlike what your grandmother did; using new papers, stickers and all sorts of fun materials.

Looking for printable images for use with your scrapbooking projects? Check out our Computer Art for Crafters category.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite scrapbooking tips .

Scrapbooking Sub-Categories

Computer Scrapbooking

This site makes it possible for anyone who can turn on a computer to create beautiful scrapbook pages. Tailored to the beginner and intermediate computer scrapbooker, we are the only site to offer everything needed to get started, including a link to a FREE software suite for only the cost of your time.

Scrapbooking Tip
Always remember to include a part of yourself in each album. Your children and grandchildren will cherish a lovely poem with your signature in the years to come.
Scrapbook Crazy - mini album resource

A Free scrapbook mini album resource site with a heap of different mini album instructions, printable templates and other great ideas for making your own mini albums.

Scrapbooking Tip
Use up all those extra little scraps of patterned paper in a 'color my world' mini album. Sort the scrap pieces by color and scrap a mini page for each of the colors.
Digital Scrapbooking Photoshop Tutorials

Digital scrapbooking tutorials demonstrate Adobe Photoshop tips, tricks and techniques. Improve your Photoshop Elements and CS3 skills with our easy-to-follow videos. Discover how you can go from frustrated novice to digital scrapbooking expert in only minutes a day.

Editor's Note:This is a subscription service with over 68 video tutorials (as of April '08) to choose from with plans to continually add more.

Scrapbooking with Photoshop Tip
Old photos that are faded, cracked, ripped, scratched and otherwise worn from age can easily be scanned and made to look just like new with Photoshop color correction and restoration techniques.
Scrapbooking by Design Video Tutorials

Ever been to a crafting class and wish you could see the instructor demonstrate a technique one more time? Wouldn't it be easier to not have to cart your scrapbooking supplies to a class and instead try new techniques in your own home? With scrapbooking videos from Scrapbooking by Design, you can learn new techniques, create new projects, and never leave your craft room. All of our videos contain complete project instructions and are designed to use supplies that can be easily obtained.

Thrifty Scrapbooking Tip
Many discount and dollar only stores now carry scrapbooking papers, stickers, and other embellishments. I always check them first when I begin a new project. Other scrapbookers are always amazed at the wonderful things I have found and how little I paid for them.
Sweetly Scrapped Art

Hi! I love everything paper & paper related. I also craft with other materials which always cross over to my paper crafts. I have an etsy shop and a blog, but post everything I do on my Facebooks page. My followers can see my latest post, tutorial, or free template that I created.

Distressing Ink Tip
A crafty tip....
Would you like to add a pretty touch of watercolor to your cards or layouts? Other paper crafts? Get out your distressing ink and a little paintbrush. Take your ink and dab it on an acrylic block that you use for your clear stamps. Take your paint brush and dip it in the water and tap off the excess water. Then dip it in the ink (Distressing inks work awesome!) and then continue to paint on your paper surface.
Personalised Guest Books

Guest books created for all occasions with a personalised message of your choice.

Crafting Tip
When binding a book together, if the wires are not firm enough just squeeze tight with fingers instead.