Holiday Crafts and Creations

This is a site where visitors can get ideas for holiday projects and crafts. Each project has complete step by step instructions and multiple photos. Most craft projects are intended for adults but many would also be great for kids and could be a fun family activity. We also have a Helpful Hints section that is a resource for crafting tips and techniques. Projects on our site range from scrapbooking/card making to sewing to polymer clay and more.

Recycled Crafting Crafty Tip
To give an old frame a new look, try covering it in felt. Simply trace about 2" around the outside of the frame onto felt. Then cut a small square out of the middle of the felt about 2" in. Cut diagonal slits in each of the four outside corners and inside corners. This will allow you to wrap the felt around the frame. Sew on any fun design you wish before wrapping the the felt around the frame and sewing it together on the back. You could make this into a great gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day or Father's Day!
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