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Fabric and thread come together for fun, funky and practical items we all need. The sewing folks here have supplied great sewing tips, lists of free resources, designers offering their hand-sewn items, and everything else you could possibly want or need. Whether a beginner or a master, there's bound to be something here for you.

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A site that covers most sewing subjects including bag, purse, clutch and tote making. Also knitting, quilting and embroidery.

Sewing Pattern Tip
For patterns that get multiple use, iron the patten pieces and then back with iron-on interfacing (eg. Vilene) for a longer life.
belle and burger

Visit with one seamstress as she shares a bit of herself and her work. Be inspired by her latest items for sale and explore the great sewing tutorials where she turns fabric scraps into art.

Applique Tip
When ironing a project that has layers of appliqued fabric, use a lift and press motion rather than a gliding motion otherwise you might lift up and crease the edges of your appliques.
Ottava Studios

Ottava Studios is artist made and designed clothing, accessories and artwork. Everything you see made by hand in every way, from original designs and hand printed or appliqued one at a time so that each and every piece is unique and original

Thrifty Tip
Keep all those fabric scraps and single lonely buttons - you never know when you might bring them all together into a piece of art! For example - sew together your scrap fabric pieces into an appliques wall hanging & adorn it with buttons or beads.
Crafty Staci

I create handmade accessories with a focus on the needs of photographers, both hobby and professional. I design and construct all of my items in my Oregon workshop. Custom orders are happily accepted.

Sewing Tip
For small pattern pieces you'll be using repeatedly, cut them out of felt. It will hold up better to pinning than paper, and you often don't need to pin the pieces at all because the felt will stick to many fabrics. It's also harder to accidently cut your pattern because the felt is thick. I cut the pieces for different projects from different colors of felt so I can tell them apart quickly.

Be inspired, get ideas and even free sewing patterns. Ali Foster shares a wealth of sewing goodness on her blog. She shares ideas for refashioning thrift store finds, clothing and fabric trends, purse patterns and so much more.

Sewing Tip
Don't have a serger? No problem. Cut the raw edges with a pinking shears for a professional-looking and ravel-free seam.


Periwinkle Girl is the charming blog where one Australian mom shares her love of sewing along with a bit of thrifting and quilting. Her blog is a mix of family events, sewing projects and the things that brighten up her life.

Sewing Tip
This may sound obvious but when do we crafty types always do the obvious...before following a sewing pattern you online, you should practice any new techniques its construction requires on scrap fabric. You don't want to spend hours making a great bag only to ruin it when you try to sew a few buttonholes.