Reconstructed Clothing

Reconstructed Clothing

Being green doesn't have to mean being boring. The crafters who have shared their great tips in this category make some clever and useful items from recycled T-Shirts, clothes and just about any fabric item they can get their hands on. These talented crafters take plain and boring clothes like T-shirt and sweat pants and reconstruct them into function items that in some cases become high fashion. The best part is that many of these reconstructed items are quick and easy to make and require only limited sewing skills. There's bound to be some crafting goodness that will strike your fancy.

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Easy Kids Pants

Pants for your little ones in less than an hour!!! This quick project takes an adult T-shirt and turns it into a comfy and unique pair of pants. Clear instructions and pictures will have you sewing up a storm as you outfit your child in a new pair of pants made with love.

T-Shirt Reconstruction Tip
Many T-shirt reconstruction projects could also be made using a sweat shirt to create cold-weather wear.
The Bunny Hat

Take one child's T-shirt, a little felt, and a little time and you can sew this clever little hat. Making use of the side seam and bottom hem of a T-shirt, this project sews up in no time and your little one's sure to love their new hat.

Want to make one for yourself? Simply use a larger T-Shirt and you can have your own cute hat.

Sewing for Children Tip
When making projects for little ones that include ties or bows, be sure to tack down the bow to keep little fingers from untying the bows.
Happy Together

Fun blog that features the sewing, crochet and crafting of a stay at home mom of one of the cutest little girls. Along with discussions about family, Jessica shares interesting crafters and their projects she finds online along with a number of original designs. She shares a number of great reconstruction projects that work for both adults and children.

Thrifty Tip
When taking an old shirt or other clothing item to make something new, save all of the fabric scraps. Make hairbands, flowers, and other matching accessories with the scraps to give your project even more of a wow factor.

Suzannah shares a multitude of great ideas, tips and techniques to taking clothing that's blah and turning it into something that's glam. Her blog is full of ways to spruce up your wardrobe with thrift store finds, stuff from the back of your closet and even from your fella's closet.

Crafting Tip
Create a professional finished look on neck and sleeve edges of a re-purposed tee-shirt by using fold over elastic in place of bias tape.