Free Patterns

Free Sewing Patterns

From the beginner to the expert seamstress or tailor, this group of websites offer free sewing patterns.

All the website owners have also included their favorite sewing crafty tips.
The Merry Corsetier

Learn basic and advanced corset making tips from professional seamstresses and tailors. The link directs visitors to information about our community including our list of "Memories"; answers to those often asked questions of new corset makers. Learn where to get corset making supplies, reviews of commercial patterns, lacing, boning and too many more topics to mention here.

Corset Construction Tip
Sew your boning channels on the outside. I've laid down on-seam channels that looked lovely on the inside, then flipped the garment over and discovered that my seam had wandered by a quarter inch.
Sew It Love It

Sewing patterns and projects with step by step instructions. Learn how to sew and find fresh ideas. Share your projects and exchange tips and tricks.

Sewing Tip
A quick tip for gathering fabric...
Creating a ruffle can sometimes be time consuming. Here's a quick way to make one:
Thread your sewing machine, and set the tension very high. Secure the beginning with a back stitch and start sewing. The fabric will automatically gather! If you want it more gathered, and the tension is already to the highest number, hold the top thread to tighten it as you sew.
Don't secure the end and leave long threads. This way, you can adjust it to your desired length.

Visit my sewing blog and learn a bit about me, my sewing adventures, and book reviews. I also share several scrap fabric flower pins, a couple of dolly dresses, and a variety of other free sewing projects.

Many of the designs, fabrics, and patterns on my site are inspired by the wonderful work of fiber artists in Japan.

Sewing Inspiration Tip
Try to get your hands on some vintage sewing and toy-making books; they are a great source of inspiration and will help you to learn the basic techniques of doll and toy making.