Patterns for Sale

Looking for original and brand name sewing patterns?

Butternick, McCalls, and Vogue better look out as these designers offer their fresh new sewing patterns for sale. From stuffed toys, to primitives to high fashion clothing there's bound to be a pattern can be found among this group of talented folks.

All the website owners have also included their favorite sewing crafty tips.

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Pattern Mart

Thousands of craft patterns that you can download instantly. As well as free patterns, articles and more. We also offer membership to designers that wish to sell their patterns.

Creating Your Own Patterns Tip
Want to create your own craft patterns?

You will need to create a Front Cover, Supply List, Instructions, Templates, and Back Cover are the basics that make up a pattern.

When writing the Supply List be sure to include the brand names of any commercially available supplies you used. If it's an item that can only be purchased certain places, be sure and indicate that information. The supply typically goes on the back cover so the customer can see what is required without taking the pattern out of the bag.
Primitive Patterns and Handcrafted Folkart by Sassafras Hill Primitives

A gathering of primitive and folk art hand done goods, craft supplies, original craft patterns for all occasions, epatterns, and printable feedsack designs.

Working with Wax Tip
After a few too many mishaps melting wax using a double boiler on the stovetop, I find a crock pot to be much easier and safer… I actually keep three crockpots, one for "clean wax", one for grubby wax with spices, and one for my scented wax! Start by melting crockpot wax on the highest setting, and then turn it to low until finished. Peace of mind!
Laura Marsh Designs Sewing Patterns

Laura Marsh Designs offers original digital sewing patterns for the home seamstress to download and print from their home PC. Simple and clear to follow patterns with full instruction. Patterns are available for clothing for the whole family and all occasions.

Sewing Dresses Tip
If you're in a hurry when sewing loops into dresses, attach the loops with very thin double sided tape at the very edge of the seam allowance. Once you've finished the seam you can trim off the excess seam allowance (including the tape) with your serger or scissors. Perfectly sewn and very quickly applied loops every time!
Felt Patterns from Fairfox

Make your own vegetable garden, cookies or even sushi with our felt sewing pattens. You will receive details patterns and instructions to make cute and unique felt toys. Felt, cotton, thread, sometimes cardboard is all that you need to create your own wonderful felt toys.

Felt Crafts Tip
Making felt toys is a great choice for beginning sewers as it is not necessary to hide all of your stitches. In fact, a number of felt crafts are designed for the stitches to show.
The Pattern Shop

Providing sewing patterns & sewing books at great prices. Customers can find an assortment of patterns for women's and children's clothes, sleepwear, hats and costumes along with other sewing type items..

Sewing Tip
A good tip for sewing something in a hurry is to always keep 2 needles threaded with black & white thread in your sewing box.Put these 2 needles on the side of your sewing box on some type of adhesive for easy access.
See Sally Sew-Patterns for Less

See Sally Sew is a home-based business offering your favorite brands of sewing and craft patterns. We promise you the commitment of quality uncut patterns, low prices, and exceptional customer service with secure on-line ordering and payment.

Thrifty Crafting Tip
Use a photocopy of your cross-stitch chart so you can use it to mark your progress without ruining your only copy of the pattern.
Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns

My How to Make Doll Clothes Online Course has over 100 step-by-step instructional videos and comes with 8 Free Doll Clothes Patterns. I also offer downloadable doll clothes patterns for the Australian Girl doll, American Girl doll and Cabbage Patch doll. These patterns come with full online video support.

Sewing Doll Clothes Tip
When sewing doll clothes and making a puff sleeve for a dress, attach the elastic directly onto the sleeve using a zigzag stitch to form the casing instead of creating a casing with additional fabric. This saves time and reduces bulk in the sleeve. Another great tip when sewing doll clothes and attaching elastic onto a puff sleeve, is to measure the length of elastic and mark with a pencil rather than cutting it. This allows you to hold onto the elastic past the pencil mark and gently pull the elastic as you sew, matching the pencil mark with the end of the fabric. Cut the elastic at the mark only after securing the elastic to the fabric.

We offer original, vintage sewing patterns from the 1930s through the 1980s. Enjoy the patterns as collectibles or use them to sew your own fashions. Either way, there's sure to be something for every taste among our extensive collection of vintage sewing patterns.

Crafting Tip
When storing your many patterns, a standard file cabinet works really well. You will be able to have two rows of patterns.