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Shenanigan Candles, Bath and Potpourri

Soap & Soap Making

Lucious soaps of all shapes and sizes and scents can be found from these wonderful soapmakers. Or learn how to make your own soap and find the supplies you need to make your own soaps.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips on soap making.

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Shenanigan Candles, Bath and Potpourri

We make beautiful hand crafted candles, bath items, potpourri, shower favors and much more. We also sell wax and soap embeds and other supplies and kits so you can make your own creations. Check out our site.

Melt and Pour Soap Making Tip
When pouring layers of melt and pour soap, spray each layer lightly with alcohol to help it to adhere to the next layer without leaving a noticeable pour line.
Soapylove Unique Handmade Soaps and Soapsicles!

Soapylove is the home of the Soapsicle and lots of other unique soap designs. We hand make all of our soaps, in shapes and styles you will not find anywhere else. Please check out my site for my soap gallery, and feel free to contact me if you'd like to talk soap! Thanks and happy crafting!

Soap Making Tip
When making soap with multiple colors, use mica or oxides for colorants. If you use liquid colorants, the colors will eventually bleed together.

We make a variety of handmade soaps and bath & body products from scratch using natural, raw ingredients. Our line of products include bath bombs and melts, body butters, natural liquid soaps, shampoos and shower gels, goats' milk soap, shea butter and cocoa butter soap, glycerine soap and olive oil soap. Our soaps do not include commercial soap bases, paragens preservatives or artificial lathering agent such as SLS or SLES. Our products have been certified by a chartered chemist and are in compliance with UK/EU law.

Crafting Tip
When making goats' milk soap, try freezing the milk before mixing it with the water and lye. This will help prevent the lye from discolouring the milk and will result in a creamy-coloured finished soap.
Soap and Cosmetic Labels

Customizable labels for handmade soap, cosmetics, lotions and other bath and body care products. We offer, high quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on scratch-resistant and easy peel-and-stick labels. No minimum order and assortable quantity discounts are available.

Packaging Soap for Sale Tip
With such a huge variety of colors and designs, gift wrap and wallpaper make wonderful materials for packaging soaps. For professional-looking results, match the gift wrap or wall paper design to the type of soap being packaged. Try using the paper to gift wrap each bar and tie with a ribbon. Another choice might be to cut the gift wrap in bands and affix to the soap with a label leaving the ends of the bar uncovered. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
Green Forest Soap

Green Forest Soap offers handmade products made from pure vegetable oils and butters. Their traditional cold process soap-making method results in naturally moisturizing glycerine-rich bars. Pure and simple with a creamy lather. Our products contain no artificial colours, preservatives or fragrances. All of our products are palm oil free. Palm oil plantations are replacing the natural habitats of orangutans and other animals in Malaysia and Indonesia. With each bar sold, Green Forest Soap will make a donation to Sumatran Orangutan Survival. Green Forest Soaps are vegan and have not been tested on animals.

Soap Tip
Make your soap last longer; let any handmade cold process soap dry out between uses and they'll stay harder and last longer.