Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys to collect and stuffed toys to play with; whatever you are looking for, you will find here. Learn how to make your own felted, cloth and furry friends or find unique and sometimes fantastical toys made by others.

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafty tips on making stuffed toys.
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Sock Monkey Fun!

Custom Hand-made Sock Monkeys. Cute ready to adopt Sock Monkeys. Clothes and accessories for your Sock Monkey. Free knitting, crochet, and sewing sock monkey clothes patterns. Sock Monkeys in the Wild photo galleries.

Sock Monkey Making Tip
When making a Sock Monkey one of the most important features is the mouth. I find that positioning the mouth piece and pining the bottom half before sewing helps keep it centered and helps sculpt the shape of the mouth. In this way you can make the Sock Monkey have an upturned smile, with any style heel.
soozs big adventure

Learn how to make your own Steiner Doll from this fully illustrated tutorial. Tips for hats, hair and other embellishments are included. And, don't forget to join Sooz on her adventures through life in the rest of her blog.

Crafting with Felt Tip
It can be tricky pinning a pattern to felt. Once you get the first piece cut use it as a pattern for the next one since the felt sticks together without pins.
Funky Friends Factory Soft Toy Patterns & Kits

Soft toys you’ll love to make! The Funky Friends Factory is a unique range of simple Patterns and Kits for cuddly Soft Toys.

Visit the website for a free guide to making soft toys and other fun stuff with fleece. Members get discounted prices and a free ‘Easy Teddy’ PDF with their FIRST purchase! Now also available – Cross-Stitch & Teddy Bear Patterns.

Sewing Stuffed Animals Tip
Cut off all your ‘starting and finishing’ threads as you finish EACH seam, this way you won’t end up getting them caught in your seams as you sew.

The worst thing I did whilst cutting off threads was to nick a hole in the side of a rhino, which I was making as a gift for a work colleague. I didn’t have time to make another one so I patched him with “Fray–Stop” but he didn’t look his best!
Craft Tales

A growing collection of free quality craft projects. Be sure to check out the many stuffed toys and doll patterns we offer and don't miss our great tutorial on movable joints for stuffed animals and dolls.

Sewing with Faux Fur Tip
When making a stuffed animal with faux fur, if you do not have a printer where you can print on cardstock or you simply do not have any cardstock on hand, go ahead and print the pattern on regular paper, cut out the pieces and glue them to a manila folder or other lightweight cardboard to create pattern pieces that will be easier to trace onto the fabric.
Funky Sock Monkeys

Find out how to make basic looking red heel sock monkeys and also how to make fun original looking monkeys using novelty socks and many different techniques.

Making Sock Monkeys Tip
Some socks fray more than others, and it becomes very apparent when it's time to stuff a monkey. So, if you zig zag (with the sewing machine) along the raw edges of the sock that are to be hand sewn eg: between the legs, around the mouth piece and at the ends of the arms, it will support those areas and prevent the fraying.
DIY Fluffies Soft Toy Patterns

At the DIY Fluffies shop you can find cute kits and soft toy sewing patterns! Lots of adorable plushies like a dragon, an elephant and many more! There is also a free duck tutorial available!

Stuffed Toy Making Tip
Stuffing a soft toy can be a difficult thing. My tip is to always start with stuffing the small parts like the feet. Save the bigger parts like the body for last. To stuff very small parts a chopstick is very usefull!

Combine the talents of a children's book illustrator, avid crafter and soft toy maker and you'll get the wonderful Jenny B Harris who shares her adventures in crafting in her Allsorts blog. Free stuffie patterns, decorating ideas and all sorts of crafting goodness can be found here.

Stuffed Toy Making Tip
When making soft toys from woven fabrics use a pinking shears to trim the seam allowance. That way you'll have less fabric in your seam and your fabric will be less likely to fray.
Zoo Toys

The ZooToys shop is filled with plush toys made by Yana. With the assistance of her two young children, she creates new friends in crochet, felt and other fabrics. She welcomes all of us the the world of childhood with her eco-friendly toys. She carefully packages each soft toy into a beautiful parcel and will sign each piece.

Crafting Tip
When making soft toys for young children, I prefer to hand-embroider the eyes rather than use anything that might become a choking hazard. Children have a way of figuring out how to remove even the most secure button, bead or eye from their toys. Embroidery is the only way to guarantee that the toy will be safe.

Abby Glassenberg, soft toy designer and author, is offering a wonderful series of informative blog posts on soft toy design and construction. She covers everything from turning tiny pieces right-side-out to gussets to stuffing small pieces. The tutorials are well-explained and fully illustrated.

Stuffed Toy Making Tip
Use a pair of hemostats to stuff tiny areas in your stuffed toys. The have blunted tips and allow for precise placement and hard stuffing of small pieces like arms, legs and even elephant tusks.