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Whether you make an intoxicating line of boutique scents, lotions or scrubs or you craft with bottles; the folks who are participating in this section of Crafty Tips sell the functional, fashionable and designer bottles and jars you need. From teeny glass vials for perfume samples to lip glass bottles for jewelry to roll-on applicator bottles or glass and plastic jars for body scrubs sold by the pound, these suppliers offer just what perfumeries and those who craft with bottles need.

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SKS Bottle & Packaging

SKS is a supplier, consultant and designer of plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic jars, glass jars, metal containers and closures for your craft and packaging needs.

Thrifty Wedding Favors Tip
Use affordable packaging to create handmade memorable wedding favors that are much more personal than store-bought favors.
Freund Container

Freund offers over 5,000 container and material items in stock every day, 98% same day ship rate, no order-minimums, and unbeatable customer service. We offer a low-price guarantee regardless of the quantity you order.
Editor's Note: This looks like a great place to get perfume spray bottles, lotion bottles and a wonderful assortment of other packaging for artisans and crafters.

Crafting Tip
Customize, using glass paint, canning jars for drinking glasses. You can use these for a wedding or a themed party! Or use a hot glue gun to attach a ribbon and some flowers around the middle for a pretty pen holder.
Pilotvials Small Glass Vials and Bottles

Buy Glass vials, our business is supplying our customers the finest quality packaging and service, for all your packaging and craft needs! We specialize in small vials for perfumeries and crafters.

Crafting Tip
Quality tools are worth the investment. The pliers and wire cutters packaged and sold at craft stores are often designed for limited use. Anyone who plans on making wire jewelry in any quantity should invest in professional-grade equipment. My favorite tool is a combination wire cutter and needle nose pliers. I don't have to waste time switching tools while I work and know I won't have to continually replace my cheap tools when they wear out.

Qorpak is a leading provider of containers and packaging products. We are perhaps best known for our huge selection of bottles, and we also carry bottle caps and closures, jugs, bags, metal containers, and more.

Crafting Tip
You may need to check on the sensitivities of the chemical or creation you're putting in a bottle. For example, you can use amber or tinted glass for light sensitive items and some caps may not be appropriate for all chemicals.