Weaving & Spinning

Weaving & Spinning

Weaving and spinning tips, tricks and patterns for your next project.

All the website owners have also included their favorite weaving and spinningcrafty tips.
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Create potholders, placemats and felted coasters using a hexagon weaving loom. LapWeaving.Info has lots of photos for inspiration and free patterns/instructions with simple to follow photo tutorials.

Hexagon Loom Weaving Tip
Items made with a hexagon loom are simple and quick. They make excellent handmade gifts as well as craft fair/holiday bazaar items.
Leigh's Fiber Journal

A wonderful combination of fiber and textile blog posts interspersed with personal stories and explorations of the creative process. You'll find tutorials and experiments with fibers, weaving, spinning, dying and even a bit of knitting and sewing projects.

Weaving Tip
Remember that when using a weaving loom your item will "shrink" when it is removed from the loom. Take the time to adjust your project to allow for the weave to tighten off the loom. Taking a few minutes to do some math will help ensure your project turns out lovely.

Online social network designed to meet the unique needs of handweavers from around the world. A weaving community discussing various aspects of weaving art & craft.

Weaving Tip
Before you can measure out your warp threads, you need to have made a plan of your idea for your project so you'll know how long the warps should be, what color, and how many you need to measure.
Curious Weaver

Australian weaver Karen Madigan announces upcoming classes, discusses the day-today life of a weaver and shares print and video tutorials on her blog. Karen published and edited Curious Weaver Journal for handweavers, spinners, dyers and braiders for two years (1995-1996) - which she has made available on her site.

Weaving Tip
To create a closer woven sett when using a board loom, simply use two separate strands of yarn at the same time when making the warp.
Handfasting Cords by Niamh Trua

Celtic Handfasting Cords specially woven in the traditional Irish way for use in wedding ceremonies. Delivered worldwide.

Crafting Tip
While crafting bring your highest quality of energy and attention to the project. In this way your handcrafted item is born of sacred process and imbued with love and presence!

A mother-daughter team run this great weaving blog. Mom, Lynnette likes to find dustbunnies under her loom as that indicates a busy weaver. Join the pair as they explore new techniques and share their challenges and clever solutions to the issues faced by weavers. They also share several great tutorials on weaving techniques.

Thrifty Tip
There are just so many beautiful yarns available and my stash was way too full of yarns I just had to have. Finding great weaving books and old magazines is like a treasure hunt but it's not much fun to bring new treasure home only to discover I already have it in my library. A zippered day planner to the rescue! I created a list of the printed materials that I have already purchased to avoid duplicates. I took small samples of my yarn stash and created a color book with quantity. official color name and manufacturer. Now when I go to shows and my favorite yarn stores, I can compare what I have with what's new and make more financially sound buying decisions.