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Make your wedding the special event you deserve with unique hand-made invitations, gifts and wedding favors. Learn how to make them yourself or visit one of the talented artisans featured here. Either way, your wedding is sure to be a memorable event that will have everyone asking, "Where did you get that? I want to get the same thing for my wedding!"

All the website owners have also included their favorite crafting tips for weddings.
The Craft Cabin

Our family-run craft business specializes in DIY wedding stationery crafts, card making, scrapbooking, paper crafting & card craft supplies. Be sure to sign up for our free newsletter with competitions, card making ideas, wedding templates, tips & ideas, scrapbook projects, workshops, classes & free demo’s.

Making Wedding Stationery Tip

Saving Money when Making your own Wedding Stationery

This gives you control over your spending and allows you to have special great looking designer stationery even on the tightest of budgets. Low price wedding stationery can still look good - and there is no need to tell your guests how little they cost.

Using decorative papers and your own PC and printer you can create invitations at minimum cost. There are the most beautiful papers now available. Floral papers are great for a summer wedding.

If you like the look of handcrafted cards and have the time, you can save a considerable amount money by making your own rather than purchasing them from a professional designer. Many of these designers started in business because they did their own wedding stationery and enjoyed it so much they wanted to carry on - so you too can achieve fantastic professional results with just a little care and attention to detail.

But, please do remember that you will need to allow plenty of time to make your invitations; make it a special enjoyable time by inviting some family & friends to help out.

Some brides-to-be choose DIY wedding stationery so they can use luxury materials without paying top of the range designer prices. As with any other aspect of your wedding, set a budget and work to it. The good thing about making DIY wedding stationery is that it is easy to make adjustments if necessary.

Here are our top cost cutting tips:

Print the words “Wedding Invitation” directly onto the card instead of using peel-off stickers or foil panels, using a template and a little practise, this very easy to achieve.

If you have lots of wedding invitations to make, think about investing in a card bone folder or scorer and a paper trimmer, then buy flat card to cut, score and fold yourself.

RSVP cards are not always necessary - many people will reply by phone, buy a special card or reply by email.

Make your design easy to follow, remember the term ' less is more', don't make it all too difficult.

Do a little research, and check the resources are readily available, nothing worse than setting your mind on something to find it is soon to be discontinued!

Discount satin fabric for stunning brides and bridal parties. Planning a wedding? You'll find gorgeous, elegant bridal satin in dozens of colors (along with pretty organza, habutae, and chiffon fabric) that will not only make the bride beautiful, but save her money, too!

Wedding Fabric Selection Tip
Bridal satin has evolved a lot over the years. What was once a single expensive natural material (silk satin) is now both a natural and man-made material (polyester satin). Which should you choose? You can take the plunge and spend more on silk satin fabric, but poly satin may make you look just as good, and if you spill a little wedding cake on it, it's hand washable!
Keepsakes and Memorials by Sandra Todd

These Bridal keepsakes are an elegant way to create a lasting memory. Use them to store your wedding treasures. They also make a special bridal shower gift. Also look at our Bridal Ring Box collection for the perfect alternative to a ring bearer pillow.

Thrifty Wedding Tip
Use lace and fabric to dress up a ring box. It is a great alternative for the ring bearer.
The Papercut Ketubah

The papercut ketubah is the ideal choice for your upcoming wedding. The ketubah, the Jewish wedding contract, can be customized according to your style and taste.

Paper Cutting Tip
To make a papercut, one need only fold a piece of paper, draw a design from the fold (for example, half of a snowflake or half of a menorah, the center on the fold), cut with a pair of scissors (manicure make a fine cut) or a fine knife and open the folded paper. The result is a papercut! You can also photocopy a design, staple it to another piece of paper and cut around the design to create a papercut. The papercut can be painted and mounted on another piece of paper, on cardboard or even on glass. The possibilities are endless---you can play with the positive and the negative to create your papercut and derive much pleasure from this centuries old craft.

Flower Cove is the place to find all sorts of beaded flowers and hair accessories.
There are beaded flower bouquets, crystal bouquets, hair accessories, hair vines, and much more. The flowers are made from beads, fabric, or paper. There is beadweaving, French beading, Victorian beading, folded fabric flowers, flame singed flowers, and ribbon flowers, to name a few. Custom orders are welcome.
Everything in Flower Cove is entirely handcrafted by Jenny Lawson from Australia.

Gift Making Tip
Always remember to start making gifts for special days early, so you have plenty of chances to change things to suit the individual.
It Tops the Cake

Why use fresh flowers when silk will last a lifetime? I personally hand craft these beautiful wedding cake toppers and inserts from silk flowers and greenery. Unlike real flowers, these gorgeous silk flower cake toppers will last forever and make wonderful keepsakes for you and your loved ones! I hope that you will find something special to top your wedding cake!

Crafting Tip
Don't forget the hot glue! Hot glue, or hot melt adhesive (HMA), is a form of adhesive which is intended to be heated to its melting point. Using a glue gun, hot glue can be applied to any sort of surface (plastic, wood, metal, etc) to create a strong and lasting bond. Do yourself a favor: If you're planning a new craft project, take a look at how hot glue can help make things a whole lot easier!
Handfasting Cords by Niamh

Celtic Handfasting Cords specially woven in the traditional Irish way for use in wedding ceremonies. Delivered worldwide.

Traditional Handfasting Tip
A handfasting is a lovely photogenic addition to any wedding ceremony. It is, after all, the origin of the phrase ‘tying the knot.’ It's best to use a handfasting cord of 6 to 8 feet long, so it can be tied around the hands of the couple a few times with room for a knot on top.
Tiaras by Usgar

Whether you are looking for a personal pick-me-up, a special piece to wear for a formal event, or need a tiara for your wedding day, one of Hazel's tiaras will make you the belle of the ball. She mounts her beaded tiaras on a comb to make them easy to wear. They are made from seed and other glass beads and can be made in the colors of your choice. Each tiara is hand made to order and can take up to 2 weeks to dispatch and may vary slightly from ones pictured in the shop. Flat rate shipping in the UK but will shop internationally.

Crafting Tip
When you have a piece that need just a little bit extra, a little bit of ribbon can work wonders. It is also extremely useful in hiding unsightly wires and/or knots. In this piece blue ribbon is used to hide the structural wires.