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Wholesale Craft Supplies & Finished Goods

The whole sellers listed in this category offer craft supplies at wholesale or bulk prices.
Professional crafters are often looking for ways to make their supply budget stretch further yet still work with top quality products. The wholesale craft suppliers listed below offer their products at wholesale or in wholesale quantities. Some are true craft supply whole sellers and require minimum purchases and others are selling their craft supplies in bulk at discount prices. Be sure to check out their policies before ordering.

As an added bonus, all the website owners have included their favorite crafting tips.
Photo Jewelry Making Supplies

Blank photo bracelets, photo pendants, sterling silver dangling photo charms,scrapbook bracelets. Bulk blanks, complete kits for Italian photo charms. All jewelry findings,settings, coatings, resizing software.

Wholesale pricing available to everyone.

Photo Jewelry Tip
When selecting a photo to use for photo jewelry making choose a clear, close up photo and crop away all unneeded areas so that the most important object or person will be clearly identifiable on the small jewelry surface.
Wholesale Beads

Buy beads at wholesale prices from online bead 'n shop store. They are natural, handmade, beaded, unique 'n beautiful.

Jewelry Designing Tip
When you use bigger beads of 30mm or above for making jewelry and necklaces, add small beads of around 10mm to make it look more charming. Don't ever add two 30mm bead in a single string.

While using bigger beads you should always use charming thick thread which can been seen from a distance, this will add glory to shape. Don't just use thin string which can't been seen.

Liz's Crafts Wholesale Card Making Supplies

Online supplier of card making and craft supplies including decoupage, peel off stickers and scrapbooking materials to both wholesale and retail customers.

Paper Crafting Tip
When colouring in peel offs on acetate, use a solvent based pen or glass paint and colour from behind for a neat finish.
Stones and Findings

Wholesaler of semi-precious stones, unique sterling silver, 14k gold-filled and gold vermeille findings and chains as well as a unique selection of pearls. Also offering a wide selection of Swarovski and Czech crystals, wire and shells. Providing local and international designers with the highest quality components for impressive designs. Warehouse in Toronto open to the public, but online shopping available with international shipping.

Jewelry Cleaning Tip
Cleaning gemstones requires a gentle touch. If you go overboard with chemicals, scrubbing, or ultrasonic cleaners, you run the risk of damaging the very thing you’re trying to protect! Use a soft, dry cloth and remove any surface dirt or grime. If that does not clean your jewelry, a mild soapy solution should be your next resort. Mix some lukewarm (never hot) water with a little bit of gentle, non anti-bacterial dish soap, and soak your piece in the solution for a few minutes. After the grime and dirt has been loosened, you can then use a cloth to continue the lather and scrub away the bad spots. As a last resort, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to lather the surface of the stone in gentle circular motions. Finally, give your jewelery a cool, thorough rinse, and pat dry with a cotton cloth. Voila! Gleaming and beautiful.
Watch Us

Don't be afraid to show your creative side! At WatchUs.com you can choose from thousands of pewter charms, watch faces, silver charms, and beads. Make the bracelet you've always wanted, or the necklace that really shows who you are. Get started today with easy shipping and low prices.
Editor's Note: This is a true wholesale company with a $200 minimum purchase requirement.

Jeweler's Looping Method Tip
The Jeweler's Looping Method is one technique to close an eye pin onto a soldered jump ring . Hold the pair of pliers around 1/2 inch from the end of the eye pin wire and bend it at a 90-degree angle. Grab the end of the bent portion of the wire and tightly wrap it around the pliers creating a complete circle. Make sure you put the soldered jump ring inside before closing the circle.
Ceramics And Crafts

A huge collection of ready to paint ceramic bisque items. We sell wholesale and retail greenware and bisqueware. We also have lots of tools, paints, and other craft resources! Editor's Note: Wholesale pricing based upon total order value and does not require purchase of large quantities of single items.

Pottery Painting Tip
Paint the right type of pottery with the right type of paint. Some paints will fall off or leave white spots!
Lone Star Ribbon Company

Ribbon for all your crafting needs: Grosgrain, Satin, Velvet, Polka Dots and more. Wholesale Prices & Fast Shipping.
Editor's Note: Wholesale pricing is open to public with additional discounts based on total order price. Ribbon is sold on spools ranging typically from 10 to 100 yards.

Ribbon Tip
Cut 1 yard of ribbon to use to tie up pony tails. You can multiple ribbons to provide a unique colorful look.
AllStitch Embroidery Supplies

AllStitch® Embroidery Supplies offers a complete line of discount machine embroidery supplies for commercial and home embroiderers. Our embroidery machine supplies are compatible with all home embroidery machines like Brother, Babylock, Janome, Husqvarna, PR600/EMP6 and industrial embroidery machines such as Tajima, Melco, Barudan, Happy, Renaissance, Inbro, SWF, Toyota and all other commercial embroidery machines.

Craft Room Tip
Tackle boxes make great storage for machine needles.
Wholesale Pewter Charms

Wholesale charms. Over 3000 styles to choose from.The best selection and prices for fundraisers, crafters, and jewelry makers.

Crafting Tip
Making items using pewter components will last a very long time and will not tarnish like silver.
Worldwide Wholesale Natural Craft Supplies

YOZOCRAFT brings you quality natural craft supplies at wholesale price on even the smallest orders and express delivery with full tracking. This site is owned Etsian cottonblue who is now selling her ribbons, lace, linen fabric, buttons and other sewing materials on both Etsy and YOZOCRAFT.

Sewing Tip
Often enough we travel and need to pack our shoes in the same suitcase as our clothes. You can choose to wrap the shoes in a plastic bag or sew this bag for the shoes and have a bag that looks more elegant lasts longer. Within one hour it is sewn together and for beginners it is very easy to complete.