Yard & Garden

Yard & Garden

Adorn your yard and garden with these crafty finished items for sale, or learn how to make your own. From bird houses to stepping stones, there's something sure to fit your little piece of heaven.

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Indoor Outdoor Pillows

I have beautiful pillows that can withstand the elements. No need to run out in the rain to bring in these pillow. The water beads up and rolls away. They are also stain resistant. What more can you ask for?

Sewing Tip
Make sure you tie up those loose ends and use fray check products to secure your projects.
Stokesart Hand Crafted Bird Feeders & Wildlife Homes

Offering high quality, hand crafted cedar garden accents, hand crafted bird feeders, bat houses, butterfly houses and other wildlife homes and feeders for a specialized hard to find niche market. I also do custom design work from my designs or from yours. All of my items are custom hand crafted to order from my home studio nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Woodworking Tip
If you have ever put a dent in your wood project while using a hammer or have a drill bit slip and ding your project while driving a screw, you know this can be frustrating. Here is a great tip to remove the dent or ding from the wood.
Take a white washcloth and wet it with water. Ring it out very well and place it over the damaged section of wood. Now, take a regular clothes iron, plug it in and set on it to a high heat level. Place the iron on the washcloth over the damaged section of wood and give it a good ironing! Lift the washcloth periodically to see your progress. Within a minute or two the steam from the heated washcloth will cause your dent or ding to pop back out to the woods original shape. Now you have your wood project restored to its original beauty and no one will know the difference!