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Whether it's high end speciality yarns or your're just looking for a particular color, these suppliers have a beautiful array of colors, thicknesses, and textures of yarns and threads for all of your crafting needs.

All the website owners have also included their favorite yarn and thread related crafty tips.
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The Yarn Grove

We are an online yarn shop with Free Shipping in the US. Our yarns are all natural fibers, including Alpaca, Corn Fiber, Soysilk, Organic Wools, Cottons and more. Stretch your knitting imagination - use our variety of sock yarns to keep more than just your feet warm.

Crafting Tip
Take a ball of cotton yarn, knit a square about 8" and now you have a wonderful dish cloth to use yourself or give as a gift. Everyone loves the handknitted dish cloths. Google Dish cloth patterns and you will find hundreds to choose from.
Chantals Crafty Corner Quality Imported Yarns

We carry a wide variety of quality yarns from around the world! Check out my items in stock. If you don’t find what you are looking for, we’ll be happy to special order any color from our color charts for you with a minimum 5 skein purchase.

Felting Tip
Try out something new that's everyone's talking about .. felting! Most 100% wool yarns felt beautifully and make great items like bags and purses! It's easier than you think and it makes a beautiful gift for someone or yourself!
Red Rock Thread

We carry a full line of quilting, sewing and crafting threads including many names you know and trust including Robison Anton, Aurifil, Conso, Gutermann, Isacord, Mettler, Signature, Sulky, Superior, Tire, Valdani, and YLI thread, and Floriani Embroidery Stabilizer.

Sewing Tip
Choosing the correct needle for the fabric and thread type is very important. You should change your needle no less than every 20 hours of actual sewing time. Using a dull needle could cause damage to your hook and/or bobbin assembly as well as cause less than perfect stitches in your work.
Lambikin's Hideaway Online Store

Lambikin's Hideaway offers a wide selection of high-quality knitting yarns, needles, patterns and books. Lambikin's carries a large selection Reynolds, Misti Alpaca, Malabrigo and many more. Yarn Source is a line of yarn manufactured exclusively for Lambikin's Hideaway. Yarn Source Sol is 100% worsted-weight wool and Yarn Source Passion is 100% worsted-weight silk.

Knitting Tip
When knitting with hand-dyed yarn, be sure to knit with two skeins at the same time. Alternate skeins for each row. This will ensure constant look to your knitted project.
Threads and Wools

Choose from 2000 colours of thread for hand stitching, including multicoloured threads, metallics and wools, ready for worldwide delivery from our UK store. Here you can view the full shade cards for each yarn - very handy when you want to see colours arranged into families. This is useful if you are selecting several shades for a project and want to make sure that they will look good together.

Sewing with Metallic Thread Tip
The use of metallic threads can add an exciting new dimension to your hand stitching. But they can be prone to fraying, which can easily get you into a tangle and spoil the appearance of the completed piece. A simple way to reduce this is to use shorter lengths of thread – no more than 12 inches. This reduces the friction to which the thread is subjected, as it is pulled through the fabric again and again.
EnMart - Exclusive Iris Thread Distributor

EnMart is the exclusive U.S. commercial distributor for Iris Machine Embroidery Thread. Available in polyester and rayon and in 300 vibrant colors, this thread is strong and durable. EnMart also offers Iris Dazzling Metallics, a smooth running metallic thread. EnMart also sells a variety of other sewing supplies and pre-made patches.

Sewing with Metallic Thread Tip
When using metallic thread, it is always wise to use a needle made especially for embroidering with metallic thread. These needles have a larger eye and are designed not to fray or pull thread. It also helps to slow down the speed of your machine slightly. This can help you avoid thread breaks and loops.
Lambs Ears Yarn

Kelly offers a selection of hand spun Shetland wool and dyed wool roving perfect for needle felting or spinning into your own yarn. She offers aran, heavy worsted and worsted weights of natural handspun.

Knitting Tip
Plastic, aluminum, bamboo...so many choices, which one is best?
Most of the time it depends on your project and your experience. For beginner knitters I suggest bamboo or plastic. They have a bit more grab than the aluminum, making it so you don't loose your stitches quite so easily. Aluminum or steel needles are fantastic once you become comfortable and want to really zoom with your knitting. Aluminum knitting needles are colder, however; so you won't like them if you have cold or arthritic hands.
Over time, you will develop a preference. I started out with aluminum knitting needles and that was all I would buy, until I tried wooden ones and bamboo. Now, I save my aluminum ones in case of an emergency-you know-when you have lost one of your knitting needles!

NobleKnits.com offers FREE SHIPPING on any size US order. We stock everything knitters are looking for including designer yarns, knitting patterns, needles, accessories, and lots of project ideas. You'll also find free knitting patterns and a fun knitting community!

Working with Yarn Tip
Don't know what to do with a yarn hank? Don't try to knit it straight from the hank or you'll end up with a tangled mess. Instead, take a few minutes and wind the hank into a ball.
  1. Open the hank.
  2. Place the hank around your knees or around the back of a chair.
  3. Carefully cut the ties that hold the hank together.
  4. Begin winding the hank into a ball.
  5. Once wound, you're ready to start knitting! Enjoy :)

An experienced knitter reviews many popular yarns. Reviews include a discussion on knitting with the yarn, flatness of fabric, splitting of strands, blocking and washing a finished piece, wear-ability and the typical price to knit a sweater using the yarn. Honest reviews that are obviously not written by the manufacturer give anyone wishing to use these yarns a fair representation of their quality. Numerous products covered and author will conduct reviews on demand if supplied with yarn samples.

Knitting Tip
When using a pattern-dyed sock yarn and want to make two completely identical socks, you'll want to note where in the yarn's overall color repeats you began the first sock and start the second sock in the same place.